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Team Building

Tangalooma Island Resort is one of Australia's most unique destinations for team building events. With over 80 tours and activities to participate in, as well as a range of customized itineraries available, our team confidently caters for the most diverse range of team experiences. Tangalooma upholds a proud working partnership with Banana Life Teambuilding & Events and Afro Beat Drumming Workshops for all conference and corporate clients. 


Art & Abstract
Discover your internal Picasso and allow everyone's talents to shine. Art Team Building brings teams together by creating something they never thought possible. Learn the secrets of great paintings and have a laugh in the process!
Team Size: 8-100
Length: 2-3 hours
Space: Indoor area, seated extra information: Very powerful medium for exploring business concepts and values


Inspired by the TV Show, this activity is the perfect mix of action, strategy and stamina. Your strategy is critical, as alliances form and relationships strengthen around you!
Team Size: 20-120
Length: 2-3 hours
Space: Outdoors


The Buzzz
Can your team produce an ad campaign worth of Saatchi and Saatchi? Do they know your corporate values, current challenges or long term goals well enough to write, produce and star in a TV commercial that will get everyone talking?
Team Size: 8-50
Length: 2.5 hrs for filming, with final video presentation later
Space: Indoor or Outdoor
Extra Information: A presentation screening session is recommended 


Hollywood Blockbuster
This movie making spectacular will make your own conference come alive! Teams write, direct and star in their own mini-movies, immortalised on DVD! There's nothing quite like a camera to bring out people's expressive side. And nothing like movie making to bring your team together and get them to working as a team in anything but a serious event. 
Team Size: 8-50
Length: 2.5 hours for filming
Space: Indoor or Outdoor
Extra Information: An Oscars-style presentation screening session is recommended


Amzing Scavenger Race
A scavenger hunt with a real difference! Teams set out into the local area, racing against other teams to complete a series of questions, tasks & challenges before finishing off the event at an unknown destination for the GRAND FINALE! Inspired by the TV show 'The Amazing Race' this activity is the perfect mix of problem-solving and teamwork.
Team Size: 10-120
Length: 2 - 3 hours
Space: Outdoor


Are You Game?
This is an interactive game show, where everyone is a star! Guided by our expert game facilitators, unleash your teams' creative talents in ways you never thought were possible. Learn about your team - who has the best memory, who has the fastest hands, and who looks the best in our 'fashion finale'.
Team Size: 20-200
Length: 2-3 hours
Space: Indoor area, seated
Extra Information: Well-suited as a seated conference activity, can be customised to fit between meals



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