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Surrounded by 98% national park and built on the picturesque shores of Moreton Island, the Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation Centre provides an up-close and personal look into the wonderful world of Moreton Bay. A passionate and dedicated team of Eco Rangers provide a wide range of Eco Walks, Tours and Presentations for all ages and backgrounds. These tours are designed to interactively educate people about conservation and their surrounding eco systems. Through education, attitudes can be changed and people can become aware of their environments so they can start making a difference. 

The Marine Education and Conservation Centre (TMECC) is unique from any other facility as the environment is right on the doorstep, with endangered animals frequently passing the shores. Dolphins, Dugongs, Whales, Turtles, Rays, Marine Birds and so much more can be seen daily with interpretative taks provided by the TMECC Eco Rangers. 

TMECC aims to educate young children with an established program called Eco Marines. Eco Marines is a non-for-profit environmental program that assists and sponsors community engagement in advocacy and action to protect domestic and international waterways, rivers, oceans and wildlife.

Saturday, 31 October 2009
Whale Watch News, 31st October

The last four months have flown by and we're sad to say that whale watching is officially at an end for 2009. With some absolutely incredible sightings and  more than a few photos, we hope next year's season is just as amazing. Here's hoping the whales have a peaceful trip down to their Antarctic feeding grounds.

A female humpback whale waving to
onlookers with her impressive flipper!

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Saturday, 31 October 2009
Dolphin News, 31st October

Last night we were lucky to have all eleven dolphins in at the feed. Echo and Rani finally decided to show themselves after a few weeks' absence and both were boasting some impressive rake marks (teeth marks from other dolphins), so we're pretty sure these mature guys have been out and about competing with other males and herding the females.

As usual, our girls have been coming in on a more regular basis, and just three nights ago Zephyr (Shadow's one year old calf) was actually seen catching and eating a fish of his very own! As he grows more independent from his mum it will become more and more common to see him hunting his own food. Way to go little guy!

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Sunday, 11 October 2009
Whale Watch & Eco-Cruise News, 11th October

October has brought some amazing sights out on the whale watches, with mums and calves and lots of activity! Those of us on the cruise last Friday were lucky enough to see a mum and her beautiful baby breaching simultaneously, rolling about in the water. An amazing display for onlookers, the huge female then started to teach the tiny calf to slap his (or her!) tail against the water.

We also spotted a pod of the elusive Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins out on the whale watch this week, a truly rare sight for this part of Moreton Bay. These shy, pale dolphins typically inhabit areas close to shore or river mouths, and are generally a lot harder to find than their larger bottlenose cousins.


An Indo-Pacific Humpback
Dolphin (courtesy of Cetacean Society International).

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Sunday, 11 October 2009
Dolphin News, 11th October

Shadow celebrated her 15th birthday yesterday! Tinkerbell's younger sister and mother to two adorable calves (Silhouette, 5 & Zephyr, 1) Shadow is one of the cheekiest and most vocal of the dolphins at Tangalooma, often whistling, clicking and buzzing during the feed. We all wish Shadow a very happy birthday and hope her 15th year is full of fish!

We've been getting great attendance over the last few weeks at the dolphin feed, with our mature males making regular appearances and flirting with some of our females. As Tangles celebrated her 9th birthday just last month, she's fast becoming mature and it's no surprise the boys are giving her lots of attention!

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