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Tangalooma Marine Education & Conservation Centre

Surrounded by 98% national park and built on the picturesque shores of Moreton Island, the Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation Centre provides an up-close and personal look into the wonderful world of Moreton Bay.

The centre is located at the end of the Tangalooma Jetty, underneath the Deep Blue Apartments. 

Tangalooma Marine Education & Conservation Centre

A passionate and dedicated team of Eco Rangers provide a wide range of Eco Walks, Tours and Presentations for all ages and backgrounds. These tours are designed to interactively educate people about conservation
and their surrounding eco systems. Through education, attitudes can be changed and people can become aware of their environments so they can start making a difference. 

The Marine Education and Conservation Centre (TMECC) is unique from any other facility as the environment is right on the doorstep, with endangered animals frequently passing the shores. Dolphins, Dugongs, Whales, Turtles, Rays, Marine Birds and so much more can be seen daily with interpretative taks provided by the TMECC Eco Rangers. 

TMECC aims to educate young children with an established program called Eco Marines. Eco Marines is a non-for-profit environmental program that assists and sponsors community engagement in advocacy and action to protect domestic and international waterways, rivers, oceans and wildlife.


Below are a list of daily tours that operate out of the Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation Centre. 

 Daily Tours

Fish Feeding (20 Minutes)
Moreton Bay is an incredibly diverse ecosystem. It is located in an area of overlap between  sub tropical and temperate zones, meaning we have many different habitat types that provide homes for many different species of fish, inverterbrates and other creatures. See and learn about theses fishy species that inhabit our waters! Meet at the aquarium next to the education centre. 
Operates Daily 

Pelican Feeding (20 minutes)
Every morning Tangalooma's Eco Rangers feed the Australian Pelicans, the largest of the pelican species from the Tangalooma Jetty. During the feed, Tangalooma Rangers will tell you more about these charismatic birds, the cheeky Pied Cormorants and any other sea and shore birds that grace the shores of Tangalooma. On occasion even a whistling kite drops by to visit and may catch a fish in mid-flight!
Meet at the Tangalooma Jetty.
Operates Daily 

Discover the World of Dolphins (30 minute presentation)
Dolphins are intelligent animals that live in complex societies. Learn all about the Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Feeding Program, the dolphins characteristics, family groups and wild dolphin behaviour.
Meet inside the Marine Education Centre. 
Operates Daily

Kookaburra Feeding (15 minutes) 
Ever wanted to learn more about this iconic Australian bird and meet one (or several!) up close? Join Tangalooma's Eco Rangers for the daily Kookaburra Feed just outside the coffee shop! 
Meet outside the Coffee Shop.
Operates Daily 

Dolphin Feeding
Each evening at sunset, a local pod of inshore bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) swim into the shallow waters at Tangalooma.  This unique location allows us to view the natural behaviours of one of the most intelligent animals living on the planet.  After viewing the dolphins from the jetty, and  if you are on the Dolphin Feeding Package, you can experience these curious creatures up close with a once in lifetime opportunity to hand feed them.
Operates Daily  

Whale Watching Cruise (3 hours)
Let us take you out to Cape Moreton and show you the magnificent humpback whales! These gentle giants migrate through our waters between June and October every year. They are very inquisitive creatures that often come right up to our boats to interact with us! And seeing these 45 ton animals breach or jump out of the water is always an amazing sight!
Operates Daily between 22 June & 26 October 
Marine Discovery Cruise ( 2 hours) 
Discover Moreton Bay’s fascinating marine life with the chance to spot wild dugongs, dolphins, Green or Loggerhead sea turtles, stingrays and much more! Our Eco Rangers will give you interesting insights into these animals’ diet, habits, social groups and breeding.
Operates Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday  
  Bush Tucker Eco Walk
Not only will you learn about the culture and habits of the Aboriginal people of Moreton Island and about how they used the natural resources around them; you’ll also get to sample some of the edible plants, leaves and berries yourself.
See TMECC staff for walk times 

Marine Beach Walk and Tree Planting
As you stroll along the beach, learn how Moreton Island was formed, and how the Aboriginals survived on the island. Be on the look-out for marine creatures that have washed up and learn how the animals fit into the ecosystem and food chain. The group will identify impacts on the marine ecosystems, discuss how what we do on land might affect the oceans, and suggest solutions to the problems.  You also get to plant a coastal plant species as we discuss why it is important to plants trees along our coastal areas.
See TMECC staff for walk times  

  Historical Whaling Station Tour
Learn about the history and operations of the Tangalooma whaling station with one of our Eco Rangers. See how this place evolved from the devastating exploitation of whales on to  sustainable whale watch tourism in support of their conservation. 
See TMECC staff for walk times  





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