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Here, you can keep up to date with all of the action aboard our whale watching boat, and learn some interesting facts from our Eco Rangers. 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014
Record Whale Watching

I think we set a new record today as we reached a total of 17 humpback whales! We saw six different pods, all of different sizes, displaying different behaviours. We had a couple of pods of 3 and 4 whales that were travelling along, then joined up together, followed by some rolling around at the surface, before splitting up into two pods again. Then we watched a pair of adults travelling North, before coming across a big group of 5 adults that were chasing each other, moving quite fast (probably 4 males chasing a female). And just when we were about to head home we found a small juvenile whale that was really active, head lunging and breaching many times in a row. Most of his breaches were very high, clearing the water surface completely! He was moving towards another pod (an adult and juvenile) that also showed off a few big breaches. At one point we had two of them breaching at the same time! A spectacular display!

Eco Ranger Ina
Tangalooma Marine Education & Conservation Centre



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