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Thursday, July 31, 2014
All sorts of behaviours..

Another amazing day today with a total of 12 humpback whales spotted showing off all sorts of different behaviours. We spent some time with a mother and juvenile who were doing lots of tail lobs and came quite close to the boat a few times before being joined by another adult and travelling on. Then we found a group of four big adults heading north past Cape Moreton. These four were travelling very fast towards the breeding grounds, probably three males chasing a female, jostling for position behind her to be the closest to her when she’s ready to mate.

And to finish off an already fantastic day we then came across several pods in one area that were all breaching! We had two whales right next to the boat, continuously jumping out of the water at least 20 times, with another whale further off responding with high breaches as well. We even had a double breach with two whales jumping out at the same time! They certainly seemed to be communicating or signalling to each other. For us it was like watching fireworks, all these different pods all around, all splashing and breaching! Absolutely breathtaking to watch!

Eco Ranger Ina 

Posted by Ben
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