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Thursday, August 7, 2014
We made the news today..

We made the news today! We had an amazing encounter with three adult humpback whales mugging our vessel for well over an hour! Our engines were turned off and these whales were not going anywhere, just hanging around our boat, literally within touching distance for most of the time! They would surface on one side, stick their heads out, look at everyone, then dive under the boat and pop back up the other side to do the same! Our guests had a lot of fun, running from one side of the boat to the other, then down to the lower back deck and back upstairs for the best views! It was almost as if the whales were playing hide and seek with us, you never knew on which side they would pop up next!

For me, these sorts of sightings are always the most special, when the whales clearly want to spend time with us and are obviously interested in the boat and the people on it. It is completely on their terms and sometimes they stick their heads right out of the water and you can see the big eye looking at you – that still gives me goose bumps every time! Or as one of our guests today put it: “you feel like the whales are there for you, personally, looking at you individually!” Those sorts of eye-to-eye animal encounters are certainly very powerful and allow us to get a rare glimpse into the animal’s mind. Unfortunately it is impossible to know exactly what they are thinking, but it is very clear that they are – in fact – thinking.

I think if more people had these kinds of interactions with wild animals and realised that animals have personalities, show curiosity and awareness and are a lot more intelligent than we generally give them credit for, maybe we would start treating animals a lot better than we do.



Posted by Ben
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