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Friday, August 8, 2014
Social butterflies..

We had another fantastic whale watch today with ten humpback whales sighted up close and lots of action! The whales certainly have been extremely active in the past few weeks, we saw a lot of breaches today including a couple of double breaches by two big adult whales!

But the highlight was a pod of two whales that we spent quite a while with at the end of the cruise, a large adult with a slightly smaller juvenile. The adult did a lot of tail lobs, throwing her tail around on the water surface. Meanwhile the juvenile showed off a few very high full body breaches, almost clearing the water completely, one of which was less than 10 meters off the back of our boat!! To top it off, the pair were suddenly joined by a pod of about 10 or more bottlenose dolphins that raced in and had a good play around the whales and around our boat! They were surfing the waves, jumping out of the water, swimming right around the whales’ heads, while the two humpbacks were rolling around on the surface in the middle of them, clearly enjoying the games themselves!

It’s always so exciting to watch these two types of intelligent social animals (whales and dolphins) interacting with each other! The dolphins live here year round, so for them, the whales showing up only in the winter months are probably as much of a novelty and cause for excitement as they are for us each year!


Posted by Ben
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