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Thursday, January 9, 2014
The Moreton Island Wrecks

The Moreton Island wrecks are a well-known landmark that you must not miss when holidaying on Moreton Island, as the splendid beauty of nature and mystery of history await discovery there.

 The Moreton Island wrecks are also known as the Tangalooma Wrecks. Their history dates back to 1963, when a group of boat owners requested the construction of a man-made harbour just off the island. Their request was granted when approximately 15 junk ships were buried in a sandbank off Moreton Island. The decommissioned vessels included old barges, dredges, and flatboats, with the Maryborough taking the lead as the first vessel to be sunk in the waters. The huge structure created a break-wall, which served as a sanctuary to protect smaller boats. On top of that, the wrecks also provide a great place in which to dive and snorkel.

One of the most attractive features of the Moreton Island wrecks is the variety of sea creatures hat are found at the site. Splashes of darting colour liven up the shallow, sun-flecked water as colourful tropical fishes, Kingfish, yellowtail, and other inhabitants of the wrecks appear as if to evaluate the visitors each day brings. The wrecks are also home to sea urchins, coral reefs, and wobbegongs. Accustomed to human presence, the inhabitants of the wrecks do not shy away from snorkelers or divers, meaning they stay virtually only inches away from visitors.

The depth of the dive site at the wrecks is between 2-10 m with a visibility of 8 m, which is clear enough for an amateur or an experienced diver. The amazing visibility of the crystal-clear waters ensures a great view of the surroundings and the fishes when you are snorkelling or diving.

 If you love water-based activities, do not miss snorkelling or diving at the Moreton Island wrecks. If swimming solo is not your thing, you can join Moreton Island tours to get a taste of the beautiful sun and water. Boat trips to the wrecks are available, where you can participate in a guided snorkelling tour, and all relevant equipment for snorkelling and scuba diving are available for hire. You may also visit the wrecks at low tide from Moreton Island.

 Whether you are an experienced diver or new to snorkelling, you would have the same amount of fun spending time at the wrecks. You will enjoy the experience of viewing an actual shipwreck when you visit the Moreton Island wrecks.

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Friday, December 20, 2013
Make the most of summer with a trip to Tangalooma

The Christmas holidays have begun and many families are choosing to escape to an island resort in order to make the most of the great weather. With numerous islands and a sunny climate, many people choose Queensland as their holiday destination. Boasting aquamarine beaches, gorgeous hiking trails and dependable warm weather, Moreton Island is by far the leading choice among holiday-goers.

Moreton Island is situated off the coast of south east Queensland and is a beautiful place known for its stunning beaches, regular dolphin visitors and range of activities both on and off the golden shores. Based on the island, Tangalooma Island Resort has everything your family needs for a fun filled summer vacation.

Tangalooma is designed with your family in mind. Their accommodation options make it easy for both small and larger families to settle comfortably during their stay. Whether you need a luxury resort suite, or a self-sustaining holiday house, there is something for every family and every budget.

It is easy to keep the kids and the adults busy while at Moreton Island with Tangalooma’s wide array of tours and activities. One of the most popular activities for the whole family to enjoy is the Tangalooma Island Resort’s nightly dolphin feeding. You can book ahead to participate or arrange it within an accommodation package, giving you the chance to get up close and personal with beautiful Australian bottlenose dolphins.

Tangalooma is renowned for its family friendly atmosphere, but it's also good to indulge in some alone time. If you want some time away from the kids, perhaps to laze by the beach or get a spa treatment, Tangalooma Island Resort also has a kids club. Active Kidz Club gives your children a fun way to socialise and be healthy outdoors while you get the chance to have a bit of “me” time. It is open seven days a week and is available for children aged 5 and up.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect family getaway, who could resist heading to Moreton Island these Christmas holidays. For more information, call one of the friendly representatives from Tangalooma Island Resort on 1300 652 250 today.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013
History of Tangalooma’s dolphin feeding program

Queensland’s spectacular Moreton Bay is home to a vast array of marine plant and animal life, including over 500 indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins.  Each evening, as the sun begins to set, a small pod of these dolphins makes their way to the coast of Moreton Island to congregate at the Tangalooma jetty.  For over a decade, Tangalooma Island Resort has been famous for this nightly migration. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the shores of Moreton Island for the rare opportunity to hand feed these majestic marine mammals. But how did Tangalooma’s wild dolphin feeding program begin?

In 1986, resort owners Betty and Brian Osborne noticed that one particular dolphin female would frequent the island, hanging out beneath the Tangalooma jetty to feed on scraps thrown back by the fishermen. Brian and Betty nicknamed her ‘Beauty’ and she soon became popular with resort guests who would come from far and wide to watch the nightly ritual. Concerned about the quality of the fisherman’s rejected scraps of food, Betty and Brian soon decided to leave out a bucket of fresh fish for the guests to throw instead.

Betty was particularly fascinated by Beauty’s behaviour and in 1992, decided it was time to try hand feeding the dolphin in the water. Betty and a few of the resort staff began the patient process of coaxing Beauty into shallower waters where they could hand feed her fresh fish.  Years passed and Beauty was joined by a number of other dolphins, many of them direct descendants.  The night time feedings became a regular event and the dolphins soon became comfortable with the presence of the Tangalooma staff.

Later that year, Dolphin Care Protocols were established and approved by the Marine Park Authority, allowing resort guests to begin hand feeding the animals in the water. In the following years, better lighting and viewing platforms were installed that allowed visitors to watch the feeding from the comfort of the jetty. The Dolphin Education Centre was established and the Tangalooma Research Program was set up to help fund Marine Research.

Today, up to 11 dolphins frequent the shores of Tangalooma island resort, hunting, surfing and interacting with resort guests. A new jetty and grandstand has been built and the Marine Education Program continues to provide free programs to all South East Queensland Schools.

Guests from all over the world visit Tangalooma Island Resort every year and thousands have shared the unforgettable experience of hand feeding these amazing creatures. If you would like to know more about Tangalooma’s wild dolphin feeding program, or if you would like to book a dolphin experience tour, contact the staff at Tangalooma Island Resort today.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Moreton Island Highlights

As one of the most pristine natural environments in the world, Moreton Island is home to a vast array of unique plant and animal life. For many years, its unspoiled white beaches have attracted holiday-makers from every corner of the world.  And with so many things to see and do, it’s no wonder Moreton Island has been named in the top 10 greatest destinations in Australia.

If you and your family are considering a trip to Moreton Island , here are some must-see highlights:

Sand Dunes – Contrasted sharply against the soft island foliage are the impressive Moreton island sand dunes. As one of the largest sand islands in the world, these mighty sand dunes are an integral part of the island’s ecology. The dunes are a popular stop along the 4WD eco tour of the island and are the perfect spot to eat lunch. And, of course – a trip to the sand dunes isn’t complete without the customary round of sand tobogganing.

Moreton Island Lighthouse – Learn a bit about Queensland’s maritime history from the top of the oldest lighthouse in Australia. As an important part of South East Queensland’s history, the Moreton Island lighthouse is an interesting stop on a day tour of the island. Built on a rocky outcrop on a sand island, the structure is a great vantage point from which to spot humpback whales on their annual migration.  

Tangalooma wrecks – The Tangalooma wrecks are a popular snorkelling site for locals and tourists alike. Made from the rusty bones of old ship hulls, the Tangalooma wrecks are bursting with a sense of mystery and wonder just waiting to be explored.  You can hire snorkelling gear from Tangalooma Island Resort staff or you can bring your own.

Dolphin feeding – Every evening, as the sun begins to set, a small pod of bottle nose dolphins make their way to the coast of Moreton Island to congregate at the Tangalooma Jetty.  For over a decade, this spot has been famous for its magical nightly migration. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the shores of Moreton Island for the rare opportunity to hand feed these majestic marine mammals.

Tangalooma Island Resort – After a fun filled day of activities, it’s nice to sit back and relax in the comfort of your very own beach bungalow. Tangalooma Island Resort is Moreton Island’s premier holiday accommodation, catering for guests from all around the world. There are a number of rooms to choose from and a wide range of luxury services to make your stay on Moreton Island an unforgettable one.

For more information about the activities on offer at Moreton Island, contact the friendly staff at Tangalooma Island Resort today.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Tours to do on Moreton Island

Moreton Island is famous for being one of the largest sand islands in the world, and is located 40 kilometres from Brisbane. It has a fragile and complex ecology of flora and fauna that have adapted well to the poor nutrient content of the island’s sandy soil. The constantly changing shape of the island has outlined Moreton Bay’s eastern boundary, along with the South Stradbroke and North Stradbroke islands, hence forming a large, shallow, yet biologically diverse water expanse.

More than 170000 visitors arrive annually for Moreton Island tours and holidays. Moreton Island is one of the top choices for tourists as it boasts an enormous national park and a few rocky headlands, making it an outstanding destination for nature lovers. Various extreme activities can be experienced here, including eco tours that traverse rough sand tracks and pass through the eucalyptus jungle into the desert. The history of the island as well as its plants and animals can be learnt along the way.

The awesome experience of sand surfing, which is available in only a few other places around the world, is one of the more famous activities you can find on Moreton Island day tours. On Moreton Island’s large sand dunes, surfers can achieve speeds of up to 50 kph.

Another interesting feature of Moreton Island tours is dolphins. Apart from soaking up the sun on the island all day, tourists will have the opportunity to take part in the fantastic experience of feeding wild dolphins, which takes place at sunset. Visitors can look forward to seeing 5-8 wild bottlenose dolphins swimming around Tangalooma to accept fish from volunteer feeders. Guided by Dolphin Care team members, the dolphins are fed 10-20% of their daily-required food intake to ensure they don’t become lazy about hunting their own food or too reliant on human aid.

Factors such as low pollution and minimal disturbance of the coastal environment have led to Moreton Island becoming home to a variety of marine species. Tangalooma Wrecks is a haven for fish and a heavenly sight for snorkelers and scuba divers. With gear and equipment included in packages available with Moreton Island tours, snorkelers can look forward to beautiful coral formations, reef fish, and marine life, while divers will spot a variety of interesting and unique invertebrates like sponges, urchins, coral growth, and brightly coloured nudi branches.

Moreton Island is highly recommended for nature lovers. More importantly, the breathtaking and magnificent scenery on the island helps to bring inner peace, thus making it suitable for those who want to destress and escape from busy metropolitan life.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Last chance for a spring vacation before peak

Sick of the tourist crush of mainland beaches on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast? Separated from the mainland by 30km of ocean, Moreton Island feels thousands of miles away from the hustle and bustle. Relax and enjoy the serene calm of one of Australia’s most spectacular natural environments without the stress of the summer holiday crowds. 

Off peak season at Tangalooma Island Resort runs through winter and into early spring. If you are looking for an island getaway, minus the crowds, consider Moreton Island for your next spring vacation. 

With over 80 activities to choose from and a wide variety of unique flora and fauna, there’s something to suit everyone at Tangalooma. Enjoy sand tobogganing, four wheel driving or hiking around the island or escape the heat and take a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Snorkeling and diving trips are a regular occurrence on Moreton Island, and during off-peak season tour groups are smaller, allowing more time with your guide. One of Tangalooma’s most well-loved activities is their night dolphin feeding. But during the off peak season, you can enjoy this nightly ritual in the relaxed company of more modest crowds.

After a fun filled day of activities, you can retire to the comfort and quiet of your very own villa. The island’s premier resort, Tangalooma, has ongoing sales for off-peak guests, so be sure to visit their website for further details. Peak season starts to heat up in the early months of summer, so make sure you get in quick to enjoy the special deals before it’s too late.

October is your last chance for a relaxing spring vacation on Moreton Island before the summer peak season. If you would like further details about your off peak spring vacation, contact the friendly staff at Tangalooma Island Resort today.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013
The Benefits of Corporate Team building Activities

Every workday lasts 8 hours, and for most people, there are 5 of them in a week. As with most things in life, workloads tend to weigh employees down over time, especially when deadlines are numerous and close. In high-pressure times like these, it is definitely every worker’s wish to take a break and embark on a getaway somewhere.

It is the duty of the boss to ensure that subordinates work well with each other and the higher-ups and also remain productive. One of the best ways to ensure workers get an enjoyable break from the daily drudge to recharge and learn new skills or techniques related to work while reconnecting with one another is to carry out corporate team building activities. Most corporate getaways usually involve a trip to a scenic, quiet location where recreational activities abound.

Generally, corporate team building exercises do not span long periods; most corporate getaways are carried out over the weekend. Corporate getaways usually include a combination of indoor and outdoor activities. Simple things such as drumming, singing, or dancing in groups can draw people together. Make it competitive between 2 groups or more, and you will see team members drawing on their leadership and cooperation skills. To make it more interesting, mix a number of activities together and get participants to perform at a themed dinner.

Some corporate getaways focus solely on outdoor activities. Participants get to compete in a volleyball or paint ball match, which would entail optimisation of strategy and planning skills. A sense of competition always improves productivity, as participants are presented with a mission and goal. Achieving the goal and completing the mission will also give them a sense of satisfaction.

Of course, some employees might find it boring simply aiming to win a flag or match, so other fun activities that get encourage employees to build rapport and trust amongst one another, such as trust falls, leading the blindfolded, or learning to bake or cook can also be included in a corporate team building exercise.

In addition to building and bolstering rapport with co-workers, corporate getaways can also help to identify employees’ strengths and provide an avenue for improvement of any existing weaknesses. To balance out all of this purposeful fun though, there must be some leisure time for co-workers to mingle as they choose, and not at the behest of facilitators. This will improve communication amongst colleagues and create a more harmonious workplace.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013
What you’ll find on Tangalooma Island

Apart from the exquisite scenery, crystal clear blue water, and abundance of free activities to partake in, there are other things on Tangalooma Island that you must see!

After an action packed day snorkelling through the island wrecks, experiencing sand tobogganing and driving around on quad bikes, spend your afternoon unwinding and relaxing at the Tangalooma Massage and Beauty Hut. Here you can choose to pamper your body with a full body massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing and tinting, or a detox and body treatment.  When you walk out of here, they guarantee you’ll be feeling enriched and completely relaxed.

Once you’ve had a chance to unwind at the Tangalooma Massage and beauty hut, be sure to stop by the Tangalooma photo shop to pick up your photos from the sand tobogganing, quad biking, or any other photos you’re featured in after the days play. These photos are one’s you’re going to want to hold on to, as the professional photographers manage to capture the greatest of facial expressions mid activity – especially the sand tobogganing. These may even make the highlights real at the next milestone birthday party!

Another “must see” whilst visiting Tangalooma is the Marine Education and Conservation Centre. Here you will learn about the history of the Tangalooma marine life, whaling stations, and dolphin education in a fun, interactive and educational way. While you’re there, why not register for the nightly dolphin feeding experience (registration is open from 1-4pm).

And while we are on the topic of the dolphin feeding experience – you can’t come to Tangalooma Island Resort and not experience the dolphin feeding. The Tangalooma dolphin feeding allows participants to get into the water with the dolphins and hand feed them. Dolphins are one of the most magical marine creatures, and just getting that close to them is something you need to experience. It’s impossible to say in words how amazing it is.

Tangalooma Island Resort has so much happening, so jump on the Tangalooma ferry and have a day out, whether it be with your family, your loved one or a few friends.

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Monday, August 12, 2013
More ways to travel to Moreton Island

More ways to travel to Moreton Island these holidays

Off the coast of Brisbane lies the sheltered island paradise of Moreton Island. Home to stunning natural scenery and an abundance of unique flora and fauna, Moreton Island is one of the most well loved holiday destinations in Queensland.

With thousands of tourists flocking to its sandy shores every year, the transport options to this off-shore paradise are diverse. Ferries, barges, water taxis and biplanes all offer visitors a unique perspective of the beautiful 37km stretch of national park. So whether you boat it, float it or fly it, here are a few of the choices for getting to Moreton Island these holidays:


If you prefer to explore the island on foot then take advantage of one of the many pedestrian ferries to Moreton Island these holidays. Ferries depart at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day and visitors can choose from a number of departure points. The Tangalooma Island Ferry is one such option and is reserved for resort guests and day trippers. These passenger ferry services depart from Holt Street Wharf at 7.30am, 10.00am and 5.00pm most weekdays, with an extra midday service Saturday through Monday.


With the family vehicle in tow the best option for drivers to Moreton Island is the MiCat Barge service. Departing from Whyte Island at the mouth of the Brisbane River, this regular barge service operates twice a day with extra services departing Fridays and Sundays. Parking permits and guided tour options are available, making MiCat the perfect choice for 4WD enthusiasts, campers and families alike.

Private Boat Access

Many Queensland locals prefer to take the journey to Moreton Island by way of private boat. Public moorings on the Island are limited with many choosing to drop anchor in the sheltered bay near Tangalooma Wrecks. Moreton Island lies in exposed waters so be sure to check the weather conditions before attempting the hour long journey from Brisbane.

Helicopter or plane

If you’re out to splurge on your holiday, why not take the journey to Moreton Island by air, with a privately chartered helicopter or biplane? With two privately owned airstrips and a helipad close to the Tangalooma resort, this once in a life time opportunity is fast, convenient and surprisingly affordable way to experience the wonders of Moreton Island.

Extra services to Moreton Island are available for all transport options during peak season and over long weekend public holidays. Spaces fill quickly so it is advisable to book well in advance. If you would like to find out more information about transport schedules throughout the year, or have any questions regarding your stay at Moreton Island, feel free to contact the friendly staff at Tangalooma Island Resort on (07) 3637 2000.

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Monday, July 29, 2013
The importance of team building activities

A cohesive and happy team is essential for the smooth running of a business. As the assets of an organisation, the hard work they put in will result in the success a business has. While some individuals may hold a team up, this will not last, particularly if the hard work goes unnoticed. A good way to encourage everyone to contribute and recognise someone’s input is with team building activities.

Team building activities are used worldwide to nurture a company’s workforce. Teamwork is critical to a business’ success and the best way to encourage this is with a fun yet educational team building experience. These events are great for building trust, easing conflicts, increasing collaboration and improving communication.

Tangalooma Island Resort, situated off south east Queensland on Moreton Island, has a wide range of team building activities on offer. From Olympic inspired events such as Go For Gold and the western themed The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mind to activities such as Team Survivor and Millionaire Quiz Show, both inspired by the popular TV shows, there is something for everyone.

But team building isn’t the only thing Tangalooma Island Resort can help your business with. Tangalooma also has facilities for conferences, an extensive list of contacts for corporate gifts and entertainment and an Onsite Photoshop to capture the event. They also offer all the same fun activities Tangalooma guests can benefit from, such as seven different styles of accommodation, dolphin feeding included in all overnight packages and over 40 free tours and activities.

So, invest in your assets, invest in your team – organise a team building event at Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island today. Contact one of the resort’s friendly representatives on 1300 652 250 for more information or to organise a corporate event now.

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Monday, July 15, 2013
A winter retreat

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, you may be tempted to retreat to the warmth and comfort of the indoors. But what many don’t realise is that a mid-year holiday can be just the thing to fight off those winter blues.

Whatever you prefer to do on your holiday, here are a few of the activities to enjoy on Morton Island this winter:

Guided walks - The cool weather is perfect for leisurely walks around Moreton Island. You can join one of Tangalooma Island Resort’s qualified eco rangers on a guided walk, or follow one of the many marked tracks around the island. Learn a little about the island and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna without the discomfort of a sweaty summer’s day.

Whale watching- Moreton Island’s most popular winter activity is whale watching. From as early as May up until mid-November, these majestic marine giants can be spotted making their way up the east coast on the annual migration. The resort offers whale watching cruises from mid-June till late October. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a week-long vacation, this is one winter activity you cannot miss. 

Dolphin feeding - One of the most popular activities on Moreton Island is the nightly dolphin feeding. The wild dolphin feeding program, offered by Tangalooma Island Resort, is a once in a life time experience and a little cold water shouldn’t stop you from seizing opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures.

Pamper yourself - After a day of activities, imagine sitting on the balcony, red wine in hand as you look out at the sun setting over the ocean.  Tangalooma Island Resort has a variety of holiday accommodation options, perfect for family getaway or an intimate winter retreat. You can even pay a visit to the Tangalooma Island Resort massage and beauty hut to enjoy an indulgent massage or facial.

Don’t let the cold weather hold you back from planning a holiday on Moreton Island this winter. For more information about the range of activities available, or to book your winter retreat by the ocean, call the friendly staff at Tangalooma Island Resort today.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013
Half a century of fun – Tangalooma turns 50

Turning 50 is a big milestone. The last half century has seen many changes around the world, from the advent of computers and the internet to the many changes in government and the general way of living. Living through this allows growth and maturity, seen not only in the people of the world, but also the places – including Tangalooma Island Resort.

As the world has changed, so has Tangalooma Island Resort. Starting with humble beginnings as a small accommodation provider on Moreton Island, Tangalooma has grown and evolved into the spectacular and beautiful place it is today. The island it is situated on what was originally home to the Ngugi, the indigenous people of the island that they called Moorgumpin. They had a marine based lifestyle that flourished until Europeans arrived on the island in 1823, relocating the Ngugi people to Stradbroke Island in 1850.

Almost half a century later, Moreton Island was the site of two large defence batteries to help the fight in World War II. During the war a naval base and jetty were built at Tangalooma. The remains of the batteries and other relics are still present and are of historic significance.

In the mid 1900’s, a whaling company chose the island as the site for the largest land-based whaling station on the southern hemisphere. Over the years, thousands of whales were killed and processed for their oil, bones and meat. But in the late 1950’s, vegetable oil was introduced and world whale oil prices fell and by 1961, whale numbers had become scarce. The whaling station closed in 1962, with whales placed on the Protected Species list in 1965.

In 1963, the closed whaling station was sold to a group of businessmen from the Gold Coast and in 1980 the resort was purchased by the Osborne’s, a local Brisbane family, who still own and operate the resort today. Over the years, the Osborne’s have expanded and nurtured the resort into what it is today.

To celebrate Tangalooma’s 50th birthday, the resort is offering a number of specials. If you are looking at booking a conference at Tangalooma Island Resort this year, take advantage of Tangalooma’s special birthday offer. To help celebrate their 50th birthday, you will receive $50.00 off your launch transfer and $50.00 off your accommodation room rate per night. Conditions do apply, so call Tangalooma on 1300 652 250 or email corporate@tangalooma.com for more information.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Winter woes – pick yourself up with an getaway

Although the colder weather may be creeping up, that’s no reason to stop going to the beach. Australia is lucky enough to have pleasant weather all year round and even as it grows colder, the weather is often splendid all through winter, with locals donning only a light jacket. If you are looking for an island getaway in winter, Moreton Island, located off the shore of south east Queensland, is one destination that has lots to do all year round.

Moreton Island is one of the largest sand islands in the world, home to a wide variety of wildlife and the popular accommodation provider, Tangalooma Island Resort. The resort features a wide range of accommodation options from apartments to houses, as well as lots of great activities to keep you busy, no matter what the weather is.

Although the water may be a bit too chilly to venture into come winter, there are lots of other things to keep you busy while holidaying on Moreton Island. Land based activities include things such as sand tobogganing, a number of guided tours, massage and beauty services and much more. And if you want to get in the water without getting wet, there are a great range of water based activities as well. Cruises, parasailing, dolphin tours and canoe rides are just some of the activities you can enjoy without getting in the water, as well as the winter only activity – whale watching.

So, don’t give up on your dream of a tropical paradise in Australia just because it may be the “wrong season”! There is always plenty to do on Moreton Island, with some activities, such as whale watching, only available in winter.

If you plan on visiting Tangalooma Island Resort this winter, book now by calling 1300 652 250.

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Friday, June 14, 2013
How to prepare for Tangalooma’s Dolphin feeding

Each evening, as the sun begins to set, a small pod of indo-pacific dolphins make their way to the coast of Queensland’s spectacular Moreton Island.  For over a decade, Tangalooma Island Resort has been famous for this nightly migration and every year, thousands of visitors flock to its shores for the rare opportunity to hand feed these majestic marine mammals.

If you’re considering a trip to Moreton Island or your next family vacation, here are some tips to getting the most out of your dolphin feeding experience:

  • Read up on your dolphin facts

The Marine Education and Conservation Centre was established in 1994 and offers a unique look into the lives of these fascinating creatures.  Run by a passionate team of Eco Rangers, the centre is a fun, interactive and educational experience for the whole family.

  • Listen to the experts

The Dolphin Care Team are there to ensure the health and safety of the dolphins, as well as the guests that interact with them. Make sure you listen carefully to all instructions and advice offered by your Dolphin Care Team member and you’ll be guaranteed a memorable experience.

  • Have the camera ready

Sometimes, with all the activity in the water, it’s easy to miss the moment of contact between the dolphin and your loved one. Make sure you find a good seat on the jetty and get your camera ready to capture the excitement of this once in a life time experience. If all else fails, an experienced photographer will be present to snap the encounter from the water. 

  • Bring a change of clothes

No one enjoys standing in wet clothes while they wait for friends and family. Make sure you bring a warm towel or a spare pair of clothes to change into after your dolphin feeding encounter. That way you can watch comfortably from the side lines as other loved ones have their turn.

Guests from all over the world visit Tangalooma Island Resort every year and thousands have shared the unforgettable experience of hand feeding these amazing creatures. If you would like to know more about Tangalooma’s wild dolphin feeding program, or if you would like to book a dolphin experience tour, contact the staff at Tangalooma Island Resort today.

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