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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
The Perfect Corporate Team building Exercise

Is your working environment not as cohesive as you would like? Or is there a little bit of tension between management and staff, and/or staff members? Or do you just wish for your staff to be that little bit closer with each other? If any of these situations are the case in your organisation, the answer to your problems is team building activities.

To build a cohesive, strong and close working environment and team, there are a few team building activities that organisations can get their staff involved in, such as Tangalooma’s team building corporate getaways.

Tangalooma Island Resort offers a selection of team building activities that are designed to strengthen organisations relationships. Some of the activities included in the corporate getaways are; team survivor (similar to the TV show), art team building, millionaire quiz show, go for gold, and alpha challenge, and a number of other activities.

As well as these activities aiming to build alliances and relationships between staff, they are also designed to give team members and leaders the skills, consciousness, and self-belief required to optimise their workplace performance.

Along with all of these team building activities, if an organisation decides to opt for a full corporate getaway – overnight stay in one of Tangalooma’s high quality accommodation, the team building activities can also include the dolphin feeding which occurs nightly at Tangalooma. After a long day bonding and team building activities, there is no better way to wind down than to watch the dolphins come into the bay and be able to hand feed the dolphins with your work mates.

So, if your organisation needs a bit of team building, or you simply want to get your staff out of the office for a bit of office work fun, contact Tangalooma, and take your staff on a corporate getaway like no other.

Posted by Alex

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