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Thursday, August 16, 2012
The cold weather shouldn’t stop you from playing!

When people think of islands they think of sunshine, swimming and heat. So, why would you visit an island in the winter? At Tangalooma Island Resort, there are many reasons to take a vacation to the island, no matter what time of year it is.

Whale watching

The biggest draw card for visiting Tangalooma Island in winter is the whale watching cruises available each day. Due to their migration habits, whales are most likely to be seen cavorting in the waters around Australia between June and October, making winter the only time you can see these fantastic animals in the flesh. Whether you go to the island for one day or a whole week, this is one experience you shouldn’t miss if you plan to visit Tangalooma Island in the cooler months.

Guided walks

The cool weather in winter lends itself to leisurely walks and explorations of the Tangalooma area, making guided walks more popular than ever. You can join one of the resort’s qualified eco rangers on a guided walk, allowing you to learn a little more about the island and enjoy the beautiful Tangalooma flora and fauna, all while getting the pulse running and warming up a cold day.

Dolphin feeding

One of the most popular activities on Tangalooma Island is their nightly dolphin feeding. The wild dolphin feeding program is an opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures, allowing you to wade into the shallow waters, feed a wild dolphin and even get a photo. The wild dolphin feeding experience is included in some day cruise and accommodation packages booked through Tangalooma.

Free activities

Tangalooma Island Resort also has a wide range of free activities you can participate in all year round. These include bush walks, animal presentations, tennis, basketball, cricket, swimming, karaoke night, bingo night and much more. Take a look online to see what other free activities you can enjoy while on the island.

Pamper yourself

Going on holidays should involve relaxing, particularly when it is bitter cold outside. Tangalooma Island Resort has a massage and beauty hut that can make you feel like royalty. Treatments include massages, manicures and pedicures, facials and other detox and body treatments. After your treatment, you can exit onto the sand and take a relaxing walk up the beach to your apartment or villa.

 For more information or to book a trip to the resort, visit Tangalooma Island Resort online or call 1300 652 250 today.

Posted by Alex
Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Whale watching – a once in a lifetime experience

Every year many of the large whales in the southern hemisphere follow a similar migration pattern. Summer is spent in the chilly waters of Antarctica until autumn when the temperature falls and the large sea bound mammals begin their northward migration to more temperate locations. Consequently, whales are most likely to be seen frolicking in the waters around Australia between June and October. About forty species of whales and dolphins in total have been recorded in Australian waters.

Whale watching is a wonderful activity many enjoy in winter and spring, with many prime viewing spots along the coast of Queensland. The majesty and great size of whales along with their graceful and playful movements and sounds will astound both children and adults alike, making it the perfect family activity. Moreton Bay is one common area many choose to view these magnificent creatures from. Tangalooma Island Resort is a world renowned and popular tourist destination, , offering Tangalooma cruises to view the whales from the comfort of luxury catamaran water vessels.

The Tangalooma whale watching cruise departs from Brisbane at 7.30am and 10am, offering a 3 hour cruise plus a stopover at the island resort, so you can enjoy a full day of sun, surf and whale watching. Light lunch is served on board and the cruise features full expert commentary from one of Tangalooma Island Resort’s Eco Rangers, as well as presentations and tours on the island from the Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation Centre. Tangalooma Island Resort also offers cruises featuring a wild dolphin feeding experience as well as whale watching.

If you would like to see these amazing creatures in action, take a look at the Tangalooma cruises online and book a day cruise now. To see what else Tangalooma Island Resort has on offer, or to book accommodation so you can enjoy all the other activities on the island,  contact Tangalooma on 1300 652 250 or email info@tangalooma.com for general enquiries.

Posted by Alex

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