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Tuesday, September 10, 2013
The Benefits of Corporate Team building Activities

Every workday lasts 8 hours, and for most people, there are 5 of them in a week. As with most things in life, workloads tend to weigh employees down over time, especially when deadlines are numerous and close. In high-pressure times like these, it is definitely every worker’s wish to take a break and embark on a getaway somewhere.

It is the duty of the boss to ensure that subordinates work well with each other and the higher-ups and also remain productive. One of the best ways to ensure workers get an enjoyable break from the daily drudge to recharge and learn new skills or techniques related to work while reconnecting with one another is to carry out corporate team building activities. Most corporate getaways usually involve a trip to a scenic, quiet location where recreational activities abound.

Generally, corporate team building exercises do not span long periods; most corporate getaways are carried out over the weekend. Corporate getaways usually include a combination of indoor and outdoor activities. Simple things such as drumming, singing, or dancing in groups can draw people together. Make it competitive between 2 groups or more, and you will see team members drawing on their leadership and cooperation skills. To make it more interesting, mix a number of activities together and get participants to perform at a themed dinner.

Some corporate getaways focus solely on outdoor activities. Participants get to compete in a volleyball or paint ball match, which would entail optimisation of strategy and planning skills. A sense of competition always improves productivity, as participants are presented with a mission and goal. Achieving the goal and completing the mission will also give them a sense of satisfaction.

Of course, some employees might find it boring simply aiming to win a flag or match, so other fun activities that get encourage employees to build rapport and trust amongst one another, such as trust falls, leading the blindfolded, or learning to bake or cook can also be included in a corporate team building exercise.

In addition to building and bolstering rapport with co-workers, corporate getaways can also help to identify employees’ strengths and provide an avenue for improvement of any existing weaknesses. To balance out all of this purposeful fun though, there must be some leisure time for co-workers to mingle as they choose, and not at the behest of facilitators. This will improve communication amongst colleagues and create a more harmonious workplace.

Posted by Alex

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