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Thursday, January 9, 2014
The Moreton Island Wrecks

The Moreton Island wrecks are a well-known landmark that you must not miss when holidaying on Moreton Island, as the splendid beauty of nature and mystery of history await discovery there.

 The Moreton Island wrecks are also known as the Tangalooma Wrecks. Their history dates back to 1963, when a group of boat owners requested the construction of a man-made harbour just off the island. Their request was granted when approximately 15 junk ships were buried in a sandbank off Moreton Island. The decommissioned vessels included old barges, dredges, and flatboats, with the Maryborough taking the lead as the first vessel to be sunk in the waters. The huge structure created a break-wall, which served as a sanctuary to protect smaller boats. On top of that, the wrecks also provide a great place in which to dive and snorkel.

One of the most attractive features of the Moreton Island wrecks is the variety of sea creatures hat are found at the site. Splashes of darting colour liven up the shallow, sun-flecked water as colourful tropical fishes, Kingfish, yellowtail, and other inhabitants of the wrecks appear as if to evaluate the visitors each day brings. The wrecks are also home to sea urchins, coral reefs, and wobbegongs. Accustomed to human presence, the inhabitants of the wrecks do not shy away from snorkelers or divers, meaning they stay virtually only inches away from visitors.

The depth of the dive site at the wrecks is between 2-10 m with a visibility of 8 m, which is clear enough for an amateur or an experienced diver. The amazing visibility of the crystal-clear waters ensures a great view of the surroundings and the fishes when you are snorkelling or diving.

 If you love water-based activities, do not miss snorkelling or diving at the Moreton Island wrecks. If swimming solo is not your thing, you can join Moreton Island tours to get a taste of the beautiful sun and water. Boat trips to the wrecks are available, where you can participate in a guided snorkelling tour, and all relevant equipment for snorkelling and scuba diving are available for hire. You may also visit the wrecks at low tide from Moreton Island.

 Whether you are an experienced diver or new to snorkelling, you would have the same amount of fun spending time at the wrecks. You will enjoy the experience of viewing an actual shipwreck when you visit the Moreton Island wrecks.

Posted by Alex

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