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Monday, August 12, 2013
More ways to travel to Moreton Island

More ways to travel to Moreton Island these holidays

Off the coast of Brisbane lies the sheltered island paradise of Moreton Island. Home to stunning natural scenery and an abundance of unique flora and fauna, Moreton Island is one of the most well loved holiday destinations in Queensland.

With thousands of tourists flocking to its sandy shores every year, the transport options to this off-shore paradise are diverse. Ferries, barges, water taxis and biplanes all offer visitors a unique perspective of the beautiful 37km stretch of national park. So whether you boat it, float it or fly it, here are a few of the choices for getting to Moreton Island these holidays:


If you prefer to explore the island on foot then take advantage of one of the many pedestrian ferries to Moreton Island these holidays. Ferries depart at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day and visitors can choose from a number of departure points. The Tangalooma Island Ferry is one such option and is reserved for resort guests and day trippers. These passenger ferry services depart from Holt Street Wharf at 7.30am, 10.00am and 5.00pm most weekdays, with an extra midday service Saturday through Monday.


With the family vehicle in tow the best option for drivers to Moreton Island is the MiCat Barge service. Departing from Whyte Island at the mouth of the Brisbane River, this regular barge service operates twice a day with extra services departing Fridays and Sundays. Parking permits and guided tour options are available, making MiCat the perfect choice for 4WD enthusiasts, campers and families alike.

Private Boat Access

Many Queensland locals prefer to take the journey to Moreton Island by way of private boat. Public moorings on the Island are limited with many choosing to drop anchor in the sheltered bay near Tangalooma Wrecks. Moreton Island lies in exposed waters so be sure to check the weather conditions before attempting the hour long journey from Brisbane.

Helicopter or plane

If you’re out to splurge on your holiday, why not take the journey to Moreton Island by air, with a privately chartered helicopter or biplane? With two privately owned airstrips and a helipad close to the Tangalooma resort, this once in a life time opportunity is fast, convenient and surprisingly affordable way to experience the wonders of Moreton Island.

Extra services to Moreton Island are available for all transport options during peak season and over long weekend public holidays. Spaces fill quickly so it is advisable to book well in advance. If you would like to find out more information about transport schedules throughout the year, or have any questions regarding your stay at Moreton Island, feel free to contact the friendly staff at Tangalooma Island Resort on (07) 3637 2000.

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