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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Getting to know the Island Locals

About 40km off the sandy shores of South East Queensland lies the spectacular island getaway of Moreton Island. Home to stunning natural scenery and an abundance of unique flora and fauna, Moreton Island is one of the most well preserved natural environments in the world. With thousands of tourists flocking to its pristine shores every year, Moreton Island is considered one of the most popular holiday destinations in Queensland. But it’s not the crystal clear water or the loads of exciting activities that keep the tourists coming back year after year. Moreton Island’s greatest tourist attraction is its local wildlife.

From the salt mangroves and sand dunes to the tidal flats and beaches, this pristine natural environment is home to a variety of unique native animal species. Below the tide line, freshwater lakes, creeks and marshes provide havens for frogs and native fish while the open ocean is home to larger marine life such as dolphins and dugongs. Visitors during the months from June through till the end of October enjoy a spectacular view of the annual southern humpback whale migration.  

Further inland, blue-tongue lizards, goannas and skinks are just a few of the forty different species of reptile that have been recorded. Native mammals such as bats are abundant throughout the year, while other species can only be seen during specific seasons. During the summer months from October to March the island plays nursery to green and loggerhead turtles while migrant waders use the tidal flats as feeding grounds between the months of September and April. The national park also supports over 180 varieties of bird life including seabirds, forest birds and many different types of birds of prey.

The beauty of the Moreton Bay region is on display in this vibrant and thriving natural ecosystem. As one of the largest sand island national park in South East Queensland this unique coastal environment remains largely undisturbed and untouched - a natural sanctuary for its local population of birds and animals and a must see destination for tourists and Queenslanders alike.

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Posted by Alex

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