Health, Fitness and Beauty

Enjoy your Health and keep fit at Tangalooma

If you’re looking for new unique ways to exercise and keep fit while on holidays, think outside of the box and stay away from the gym, all while enjoying different health and fitness experiences at Tangalooma.

Morning Beach Jogs

A popular exercise at Tangalooma is the morning beach runs. Grab your sneakers or run barefoot from the Tangalooma Jetty all the way to the Tangalooma Wrecks and back - you may even see a few of our staff doing the same thing every morning! The best thing about going for a jog on the beach is you can jump straight into the water to cool off!

Stair Runs

Take the early morning 'stair challenge' and run up and down the stairs that lead up to the hilltop houses. When you have reached the top you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Moreton Bay and can quite easily see the Brisbane skyline on a clear sunny morning.

Sand Hill Climbs

Challenging for all fitness types is running up sand dunes. Running up sand dunes has become very popular with the rise in interest in health and fitness, and has even been featured on the Rugby League TV show 'NRL Rookie', when contests were forced to run up and down the sand dunes on Moreton Island, just near the wrecks.

Get a taste for walking up the sand dunes by booking a seat on the Desert Safari Tour. Walk up some steep sand hills and then get rewarded with an adrenaline pumping sand toboggan down.

Beach Yoga then Breakfast

Bring your yoga mat to Tangalooma and lay it by the beach at sunrise to let the clean fresh morning sea air through your lungs as you practise all your favourite yoga positions. Head to Tursiops Buffet Breakfast after to enjoy some fresh fruit, juice, cereals and yogurt.

Massages and Beauty Treatments

Keep your skin glowing with a wide range of therapeutic services that both relax and revitalise your body and mind. Essential treatments to complete pampering packages are available along with Massages, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing & Tinting and Detox & Body Treatments. Tangalooma Massage & Beauty provides a wide range of premium services in a professional and friendly environment, using the most natural products available for your skin and body.

Tangalooma is a Private Resort - Official Guests Only

Only official authorised visitors to Tangalooma Island Resort are allowed to access the food & beverage outlets, Retail or general guest facilities of Tangalooma. Unauthorised casual visitors to Moreton Island are not permitted to use these facilities. See our Casual Visitor Policy for further information.

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