Underground Water Springs

Tangalooma Island Resort's Underground Fresh Water reserves

Regardless of the drought and low water levels in South East Queensland, Tangalooma Island Resort has an almost unlimited supply of clear fresh water. This is thanks to an underground water table, below Moreton Island, containing thousands of litres of fresh water, which the resort uses on a daily basis.

As rain falls on Moreton Island, the water soaks down into the water table, which starts at about 1.5 metres from the surface and finishes at around 40 metres down at bedrock. Rain water that has fallen on the island over the past 10,000 years has been stored and filtered by the sand on Moreton Island. As the sand grains on the island are only tiny in size, it is an extremely efficient way of filtering the rainwater, and we tap into this and supply the resort with the most pure and naturally potable water possible. The resort uses only a fraction of this water (less than 1%).

Over 90% of the water retrieved by Tangalooma is sprayed back onto our gardens and soaks right back to where it came from. This leaves Tangalooma Island Resort with beautifully green and maintained gardens and foliage all year round.  The water table also is constantly replenished every year by natural rainfall of approximately 246,400,000 litres, meaning that there is so much fresh water on the island it is considered almost unlimited.

As such, Tangalooma Island Resort reputably has the most pure drinking water in South East Queensland.

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