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FREE Educational Fact Sheets for STUDENTS AND TEACHERS

The Tangalooma Education and Resource Library provides free images, fact sheets and information for both students and teachers to use in the classroom.

Click on the links below to download the free PDF fact sheets:

Fact Sheet: Beauty (Dolphin)

In the 1800's it was documented by explorers that the aborigines on Stradbroke and Moreton Island were being assisted in hunting for schooling fish by wild dolphins.

Fact Sheet: Cormorants

These birds are also known as shags or yellow-faced cormorants. They are about 70-75cm in size with an orange fact and throat.

Fact Sheet: Dugongs

Dugongs, or sea cows which they are commonly referred to, are the only herbivorous mammal that are strictly marine. They are slate grey in colour and can grow up to 3m in length.

Fact Sheet: Humpback Whales

The humpback whales are the 5th largest species of whaling, growing up to 16cm in length, Their pectoral flippers are unusually large, growing up to 5m.

Fact Sheet: Moreton Island's History

Learn about the modern timeline of Moreton Island, starting from way back in 1855 when Brisbane increased in importance and increased the amount of shipping.

Fact Sheet: Pelicans

The Australian Pelican is the largest of all eight pelican species worldwide, growing up to 1.8m in length, with a wingspan of 2.5m.

Fact Sheet: Sharks

Sharks are a type of streamlined fish that have cartilaginous skeleton and between 5 - 7 gill slits. There are a series of fins along the body serving various purposes.

Fact Sheet: Turtles

Turtles are ancient reptiles ranging in size from 70cm up to 3m in length. They are all characterised by a protective skell known as a carapace and a mouth in the form of a beak.

Fact Sheet: Whaling Station History

In 1950 an Australian company was formed and Tangalooma was chosen as a site for the largest land based whaling station in the Southern Hemisphere.

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