Mark's Climb to Office Royalty

Make Your Mark in the Office This Christmas

Meet Mark, a 43 year old Human Resource Manager. Arguably, Mark’s most important task of the year is organising his work Christmas party. Over the last couple of years, Mark has battled to find a venue that ticks all the boxes; meets the boss’s expectations, stays within budget and most importantly, impresses his colleagues!

Mark knows that just re-booking this year’s Christmas Party at the local bowls club won't impress anyone… so as Christmas draws closer, the pressure increases.

Until now!

This week, Mark booked the office Christmas party at Tangalooma Island Resort. While he had never previously considered joining his colleagues (and bosses) for a scenic boat cruise across Moreton Bay to the island destination of Tangalooma, since booking this year’s party by the beach, Mark’s office status has risen to ‘Office Champion’! Who knew it was so easy?

Here’s how Mark’s office status has soared to new heights!

1. Mark booked somewhere different

His colleagues couldn’t handle another underwhelming booze-up at the bowls club, and Mark knew it. He made a bold call to change things up, a decision which has proven to have paid off. Fortune favours the brave!

2. Mark made it easy…for everyone!

From the moment Mark’s colleagues were transported just over an hour from Brisbane to a tropical island, Mark felt the weight lift off his shoulders. No expectations, no added pressure from the office Grinch complaining about the lack of fad diet alternatives. Mark made it easy…for everyone! (Note: Tangalooma offers a range of food options to cater for most dietary requirements).

3. Mark threw in some beach time for good measure

Everyone loves the beach... FACT! And Mark used this to his advantage, pre-booking a few hand-picked island activities to keep his colleagues entertained.

4. Mark kept his event under budget!

Nothing is more important than exceeding everyone’s expectations while keeping the event under budget. This was almost Mark’s greatest accomplishment in the eyes of his boss Julie, who will remember this come performance review time next year. Nicely played Mark!

5. Mark even managed to get the office Grinch smiling!

Remarkably, Mark even got the renowned office Grinch ‘Steve’ to crack a smile! Steve works in the companies I.T department. “Try turning it off and on again now Steve” said Mark as he shot past Steve on the quad bike tour!

Every office has a ‘Mark’. Help make their lives easier this year by referring your newest and most memorable Christmas party destination…Tangalooma Island Resort.

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