Cape Moreton Lighthouse

Queensland's oldest Lighthouse - Moreton Island, Queensland

Want to visit a piece of Queensland history? The iconic red and white banded Cape Moreton Lighthouse is located on the Northern point of Moreton Island and was the first lighthouse to be built in Queensland, lit in 1857, making it well over 150 years old. The lighthouse is now a popular tourist spot for visitors to Moreton Island and stands about 23 metres tall (75 ft) and is constructed of sandstone quarried on the island.

It was built because of the increasing traffic to the northern coast, but for a long time was the only light on the 3,236 miles of coastline. The large number of wrecks scattered around the entrance to Moreton Bay, near the island, led to the need for the light.

The original light source was an oil wick which was converted to pressurized acetylene gas in 1930, they also extended the height from the original 10.5m to 18.5m in 1928 when they upgraded the light, then the light was changed to 110 volt D.C electricity in 1937 and further upgraded to 240v A.C in 1967 and finally to solar power in 1997. In 1998 the lighthouse was made fully automatic and now has laser beam which directs a light up to 30kms out to sea.

As the lighthouse is located on the northern point of the island it makes for a great viewing spot to see the annual whale migration between June and October. There are various Tangalooma Island Resort tours that visit the lighthouse, please see the tours desk to find out more information.

Where is the Cape Moreton Lighthouse?

The Moreton Island lighthouse is located on the top of Cape Moreton, at the northern end of Moreton Island. It can be accessed by various tracks through Moreton Island such as North Point Cape Moreton Track and Harpers Track.

How to visit the Cape Moreton Lighthouse

You too can visit the Cape Moreton Lighthouse on Moreton Island when staying at Tangalooma Island Resort. Just book a spot on the Northern Safari Tour to experience the journey along the western beaches of the island, through Cowan Cowan and Bulwer, before heading to the lighthouse.

Once you have reached the Cape Moreton Lighthouse you can visit the free Moreton Island National Park Information Centre which is located near the lighthouse in one of the old keeper's cottages. In here you can find out more information on the history of both Moreton Island and the Lighthouse. You can find out more information on the Moreton Island National Park and Recreation Area from the Queensland Government.

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