Water Supply Update

Last Updated -13/11/2019 (Current as at 14/11/2019)

Thank you for choosing Tangalooma Island Resort for your upcoming holiday. We look forward to welcoming you and provide the following information to assist you in your stay.

Active Water Restrictions at Tangalooma Island Resort

There are currently active water restrictions in place at Tangalooma Island Resort and we are working with Queensland Health and Brisbane City Council regarding an E. coli contamination of the Resort’s water supply. Complimentary alternate water arrangements are in place for all guests, staff and visitors.

The health, comfort and safety of our guests, staff and residents of the Island is our priority and we are taking this matter extremely seriously.

The Resort will provide updates on this website and to our visiting guests as more information comes to hand.

I have an upcoming booking – is it safe to Travel to Tangalooma Island Resort?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Tangalooma Island Resort.

All guests, visitors and staff will be provided with a free alternate water supply.

Throughout your stay, we ask all guests, visitors and staff to only use bottled water for drinking, brushing teeth, preparing and cooking foods, washing raw foods such as fruit, and vegetables, washing glassware/cutlery/crockery, preparing beverages and making ice, preparing baby formula and bathing infants.

Complimentary bottled water will be available at many points across the Resort, including our Food & Beverage outlets, Resort Shop and Reception. These will be provided free of charge for you.

Our swimming pools, resort shops and restaurants continue to operate, with only bottled water used for food and beverage preparation – from washing fruits and vegetables to making ice.

Guests can use the shower facilities (other than infants) and can wash clothes in the Resort laundry.

Reservations for any future guests remain in place and we look forward to welcoming guests to the Resort.

I have an upcoming booking – can I reschedule my stay without penalty?

Yes, bookings can be rescheduled without penalty, however we encourage you to come to Tangalooma Island Resort.

In line with the advice we have received from the authorities, reservations for any future guests remain in place and we look forward to welcoming these guests to the Resort. Bookings can be rescheduled without penalty, however we are encouraging guests to come to the Resort. To reschedule a booking, please contact our Reservations Team on 1300 652 250 during business hours.

This reschedule policy applies to all accommodation, day cruises and transfers that are owned or managed by Tangalooma Island Resort. We encourage guests who have arranged accommodation or day cruises through private operators to check with these operators to understand their rescheduling policy, as this is not managed by the Resort.

Message from Tangalooma Island Resort Management:

  • We continue to take contamination of the Resort’s water supply extremely seriously and are cooperating fully with Queensland Health and Brisbane City Council to determine the cause.

  • We are grateful for the ongoing support of Queensland Health and Brisbane City Council and confirm:

    • The remedial works have commenced and are progressing positively.
    • Comprehensive water testing is conducted daily.
    • These test results are encouraging and demonstrate that the Resort is making positive progress. All precautionary water restrictions remain strictly in place until water quality can be assured.
    • While the investigations completed have narrowed the possible contamination source, comprehensive checks will continue to ensure all possible causes are considered and eliminated.
  • Once the outcomes of the investigation are known, we will engage with the relevant Government authorities to determine the appropriate response.

  • We will continue to provide a complimentary alternate water supply until optimal performance is achieved and on appropriate advice from Queensland Health and Brisbane City Council.

  • We have partnered with Cleanaway and the Containers for Change Program for the safe removal and recycling of the increased plastic waste, with all funds raised donated to charity.

  • Any guest, visitor, or staff member who feels unwell is encouraged to visit their GP as a precaution.

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