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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Things To Know Before you Feed the Dolphin

Hand feeding a wild dolphin is one of the most joyous and memorable experiences on offer at Tangalooma Island Resort. Our wild dolphin feeding program is unique, being one of the only places in the world where it’s possible for people to get up close and personal with these playful mammals.

Each night at sunset, the Tangalooma dolphins swim into the jetty to be hand fed by tourists and visitors alike under the watchful eye of the Tangalooma Marine Education & Conservation Centre’s dolphin care team. The program runs to strict guidelines, and as such there are a few things you need to know before participating.  

The golden rule of the program; under no circumstances can anyone touch the dolphins – the Tangalooma dolphin care team included. Remember, these dolphins are wild and under Queensland law, it is illegal to touch a wild dolphin.

While you are waiting on the beach for your turn to experience the wonder of hand feeding a wild dolphin, there is some preparation required to ensure the safety of the dolphins. Firstly, you are required to wash your hands in an antibacterial solution. This will remove any sunscreen, moisturisers, insect repellents and other lotions harmful to the dolphin’s sensitive skin. It will also ensure any germs and bacteria are washed off, as dolphins are just as susceptible to diseases as humans. Tangalooma also recommends that participants remove any jewellery, watches and any other sharp objects to avoid scratching the dolphins.

Once you’re germ-free, it’s time to pick up their dinner – a yummy, slimy, fresh fish! Keep in mind you need to hold the fish by the tail, with the head pointing to the sky, as the dolphin needs to swallow the fish head first. Your fish should look like you are holding an ice cream in your hand.

Now it’s time to feed the dolphins! Depending on how many dolphins come in that night, and the number of people participating in the dolphin feeding, will determine how many fish you get to feed them. This is because we only feed our dolphins 10-15% of their daily food intake to ensure they are still hunting in the wild and do not become dependant on us.

Make your next family holiday a memorable one and experience the wonder of Tangalooma’s unique wild dolphin feeding program. Or why not shake up the traditional corporate getaway or conference ideal and organise a team building event for your company on our island paradise. Come on over to stay and play at Tangalooma Island Resort and meet Tangalooma’s resident dolphins.

Posted by Alex

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