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Friday, July 12, 2013
The two calves have grown up!

Wow how time goes by so quickly these days , our 2 little dolphin calves Luna and Cruze,   are growing up just so quickly!! 

Luna, Tinkerbell’s calf is now over a year old, and has showed us all that he is definitely  a male dolphin.  Luna is becoming a very independent and cheeky  little  dolphin  as he is  starting to try and take fish from Tinkerbell during the feed. Of course Tink is not so keen on the idea and as Luna is still suckling from his mother, we will not give him any fish until he is at least 2 years of age when he will be starting to hunt and catch his own food,  and will not be dependent on Tinkerbell so much. 

Now we’re still unsure as to whether or not   Tangle’s Calf Cruze is a male or female.  Unlike Luna, “he just let it all hang out’ at around 4 months of age, we just have to wait and see with Cruze.  Cruze is only 8 months old now, so we may find out very soon.  Cruze appears to have a very gentle  personality  just like  his mum Tangles, and is  very interactive and playful with Luna. 

As both Cruze and Luna are developing their echolocation and hunting techniques, they love to find a “Common Pufferfish” hiding in the sand in the dolphin feed area.  They will then start to torment the pufferfish until its blows itself up so it looks like a ping pong ball and then the dolphins will start throwing it to each other.  Sometimes Nari, Sil and Storm like to join in on the game as well.  Once the dolphins get bored of the game they will let the little puffer fish go, the puffer fish will think that its free and will try and swim off , but then  its just game on again  for the dolphins as they start to chase  it around the feed area again. 

Not to worry though, the puffer fish do not seem to be physically harmed by the experience and are always left to swim away after the dolphins have left the feed area. 

Eco Ranger Sue

Posted by Chad

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