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Tuesday, November 29, 2011
A day In Tangalooma Bay part 1

Recently, myself and two friends went on a day trip to Tangalooma to experience everything (well at least try to) the island resort has to offer.

The day could not have started off better. The previous few days had been over cast and raining, so we were a bit worried that our much anticipated day trip to Tangalooma would see us looking like drown rats, and walking around the island in the ever so fashionable poncho’s Queensland has to offer. Yet, luckily for us, we woke up to the type of day Queensland is famous for; perfect blue skies, with not a cloud in site.

We got the 10am Tangalooma ferry from Holt street, Pinkenba, over to the Island, hoping to see dolphins, turtles, and whales which are quite often sited within the bay, and had been seen throughout previous days. Unfortunately, we did not see any, yet we did see some of the most clear blue water we had ever seen before.

We arrived at the Island at around 11am, so the trip over was around 1 hour long, and we suddenly thought we were in paradise. The clarity of the water was like no other, you could see fish swimming near the jetty, and all we wanted to do was to jump right in. So, our first activity was of course, something that involved getting mildly wet (depending on who you asked) and getting into the crystal clear water; kayaking. We took the kayaks out for about 1 hour, went on a bit of an exploration, before we just got too tired, and exhausted, as to be honest, we aren’t exactly Olympic kayakers.

After that, we decided to have a complete change of scenery, and head to the scenic Moreton Island desert (and yes an island that is surrounded by water also has a desert). When we arrived there we dabbled in a bit if sand tobogganing, which was exhilarating, and so much fun. Yet, I feel it is important to give everyone who is reading this one important tip – KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED. A few of us failed to do this, and needless to say, we had sand for lunch, and dinner...and dessert. Yet, even though we were covered in sand for the rest of the day, we would definitely do it all again, a little bit of sand is a small price to pay for such a rush.

We were still buzzing from the exhilarating rush we experienced from the sand tobogganing, and had a need for speed, so we then decided to go Quad bike riding. This, once again, is an experience to be had. The tour guide took us up into the hills overlooking Moreton Bay, and the sun was just starting to set over the ocean...I feel like I need to say no more.

Tangalooma is a place in which everyone needs to experience at some time. This was our first trip over there, and we will sure be returning for family beach holidays and even for another a day trip or 5.

Our day at Tangalooma included just too much for this one blog. So, stay tuned for our next “A day in Tangalooma Bay Part 2” Tangalooma blog.

Posted by Alex

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