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Thursday, January 5, 2012
A Day in Tangalooma Bay part 2

Part two of our day, where were we! Quad bike riding...So, after our quad bike riding, and watching the sunset over the bay whilst up on the hill, we had about 1.5 hours before the dolphin feeding was to begin. So, we decided to try some of the local catch, and ordered fresh seafood from the restaurant that sits right on the beach.

We sat right by the beach, and watched the sun disappear into the ocean, and watched the sky turn these picturesque colours of pink, purple, orange and blue.  The meal, like everything else that day, was fantastic and delectable, and was just what we felt like after an action packed day.

After dinner, we got ready for dolphin feeding, got back into our togs, and waited for the much anticipated dolphins to come into the jetty. There were at least 50 or 60 people watching and waiting in anticipation for the dolphins to arrive.

They took a while, but they eventually came in one by one. We got to feed Nari, a 14 year old Male dolphin, 3 fish. We were informed that Nari unfortunately had a rough start to his life, being attacked by a shark in 2009, so it was good to see that he had since rebounded into a confident, young bachelor. As well as being able to feed the fish, we were able to get some photos with the dolphins as well, which we later purchased.

Once the dolphin feeding had finished, it was time to get back on the barge. It was sad to leave, but we all left in high spirits and with plans to return sometime very soon.

Tangalooma is a place in which everyone needs to experience at some time. This was our first trip over there, and we will definitely be returning for family beach holidays and even for another a day trip or 5.

It was a day to remember, and we have plenty of photos taken by Tangalooma photographers, to remember it by.

Posted by Alex

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