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Thursday, June 21, 2012
A Wedding day to Remember in Tangalooma Bay

Your one and truly has just proposed to you, and you’re all in a flutter , telling all your friends and family about it, and showing off that gorgeous rock he’s just put on your finger. But, amongst all the excitement and happiness, there are arrangements to be made to ensure your one day is the perfect day you’ve always been dreaming about.

There is one very crucial part of wedding planning that you need to do to ensure your day turns out perfect, and you’ve got somewhere to hold the wedding – the venue or location. And then comes the questions, where do you want to get married? Are you going to be traditional and get married in a church? Or choose to step away from the traditional wedding and get married in an outdoor area, which appears to be the trend at the moment? Well, if your answer is yes to the second option, in the picturesque outdoors of south east Queensland, we’ve got the perfect location in mind that will make your day a day to remember – Tangalooma Island Resort.

Tangalooma Island Resort is located on the world famous Moreton Island in Moreton Bay. Moreton Island is one of Queensland’s, even Australia’s, most spectacular locations. It is the world’s third largest sand island, and it is surrounded by some of the bluest and clearest water you will ever see. Are you starting to picture your wedding day being located here, with this spectacular location as your backdrop? And if you’re lucky, the resident Tangalooma dolphins might even come out and play in time for your wedding. A photo of the happy couple with wild dolphins in the background?

Tangalooma Island resort is the perfect location for a wedding. The resort is all set up for a wedding. It has accommodation ranging from hotel rooms to luxury apartments, a reception area, and of course kilometres of beach covered in white sand, where you can hold the actual wedding ceremony.

To make it even easier for you, the resort can even help you in organising your wedding on Tangalooma – from making sure everyone arrives on time, and has somewhere to stay, to the food for the reception, and of course a honeymoon suite for the happy couple.

So, make your wedding day as memorable as possible at Tangalooma Island Resort.

Posted by Alex

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