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Tue, 11 Aug 2015

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma Photo Shop's Photographer's Guide

I am lucky enough to be a photographer at Tangalooma Island Resort, on beautiful Moreton Island, (off Brisbane). As a photographer here I'm responsible for capturing resort guests partaking in some unique and breathtaking activities, these include dolphin feeding, sand tobogganing and much more. The best part of my job is the expressions I get to capture on people's faces as they partake in these activities. My goal is to give each and every person I photograph a unique memory of these wonderful moments. The moment is captured in a fraction of a second, however, the memories we create can be around forever.

Moreton Island, is nothing short of paradise, a photographer's haven. With views rivalling the Great Barrier Reef, and an extensive diversity to it, Moreton Island is really a hard place to take a bad photo. My favourite spots are at the top end of the island, around Cape Moreton, where there are the coloured cliffs of Harper's, the stunning view south along the coastline, and almost every colour imaginable.

So check out some of my photography tips and favorite places to shoot below!

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Interactive Photography Map of Moreton Island

5 top photography tips when taking outdoor photos:

1. Be in the right place at the right time. Do your research to know when is the right time, and where is the right place to be.
2. Check, double check, and triple check your equipment and settings. (There is nothing worse than missing equipment, faulty equipment or incorrect camera settings when on a shoot. Get your know your equipment too.)
3. Don't be disheartened by bad weather. When working outdoors, sometimes the best photos can be taken when you least expect them.
4. Pre Visualise your images. Get an idea in your head about how you want it to appear, identify specific requirements to obtain it, and shoot accordingly.
5. Enjoy yourself. Being in such beautiful locations is a blessing, if you can get some amazing images from them then that is an added bonus.

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