Meet the Dolphins

Meet the family of Tangalooma Dolphins

Unknown to many, the dolphins that visit our shores are actually part of two tight-knit family groups. Beauty and Bess, two mature females who have since passed away, kicked off the program by bringing in their young calves back in the 1990s. Check out the family tree below to learn more about the Tangalooma dolphin family, or click here to view the Dolphin Family Tree PDF


Beauty began visiting in 1986, and was the first dolphin to be fed by hand. She is the mother of Bobo, Tinkerbell and Shadow, and last visited the feed in December 1995.

Passed Away: 1995


Bella lived in the safe and shallow waters near the resort. She has acted as a 'baby sitter' to the younger dolphins while their mothers fed. It is estimated that Bella was born in 1965.

Passed Away: 2012


Bess began hand feeding in 1992 and is the mother to Rani and Nari. Bess was a very calm and gentle dolphin, and last visited the feed in February 1999.

Passed Away: 1999


Betts is Silhouette’s second born calf and is a very cheeky, mischievous little calf, and he is growing into a very bold dolphin. In 2016, we were worried about Betts’ wellbeing when the Dolphin Care Team had to rescue his mother Silhouette who was entangled in fishing line. Betts loves to play with pieces of sea grass and seaweed before the feed.

Born: 2014


Bobo was beauty's son. Bobo was a dominant male dolphin, and belonged to his own pod of males. After two previous shark attacks, Bobo has not been seen since the 2011 floods.

Passed Away: 2011


Born in 2015, Calypso is the fifth calf from Tinkerbell, and granddaughter of Beauty, the first dolphin to begin hand feeding at Tangalooma. Calypso is still too young to detemine the gender.

Born: 2015


Comet is almost 3 months old already and is growing into a very lively, and especially cheeky little male calf. He has almost doubled his size in this time and is now just over 100 cm in length. Comet is very playful and interactive with all of the other younger dolphins especially his older brother Betts (4 year old male), who likes to chase little Comet around the feed area.

Born: 2019


Cruze is Tangle's second born calf. Cruze is very social with the other dolphins and loves to play with seaweed and pufferfish during the feed.

Born: 2012


Echo first came to Tangalooma at 10 months of age (very vulnerable without a mother). He was adopted by the Tangalooma dolphins and is best friends with Rani.

Born: 1992


Fred first arrived at Tangalooma in 1993, and was a very calm and content dolphin. He acted like a grandfather to the younger dolphins, particularly Echo, and last visited the feed in February 2007.

Passed Away: 2007


Luna was Tinkerbell's fourth born calf, and is very playful and interactive with the other dolphins. Luna likes to swim by Bella's side during the feed.

Born: 2012


Nari is Bess's second calf. He was rescued at four years of age due to fishing line entanglement and again in 2009 due to a shark attack

Born: 1997


Phoenix is Tinkerbell's third calf. Phoenix did not return to the feed after the floods in early 2011.

Born: 2008 | Passed Away: 2011


Rani arrived at the program with his mother Bess in 1993 as a baby. His name actually means 'Indian Princess' as he was believed to be female until he was about six years old.

Born: 1992



Shadow is Beauty's second calf, but was orphaned at a young age when Beauty died. She was looked after by sister Tinkerbell, and is now mother of Silhouette & Zephyr (pictured with Zephyr).

Born: 2004


Silhouette is cousin to Storm, and only 10 days younger. Silhouette is a very playful dolphin and an active hunter. Although younger than Storm, she is larger in size.

Born: 2004


Born in late 2016, Sprite is the latest calf of the Tangalooma dolphins and as the name suggests, it is a very spritely young dolphin. Sprite is the third calf from Tangles, and great grandchild of Beauty, the first dolphin to begin hand feeding at Tangalooma.

Born: 2017


Storm is Tinkerbells second calf. He is the cousin to Silhouette and born only 10 days before her. Storm has become quite independent from Tinkerbell and is looking for his own male pod to join.

Born: 2004


Tangles is the first calf of Tinkerbell. She is the big sister to Storm, Phoenix and Luna. Tangles had her first calf in 2010 which sadly passed away. She is now mother to Cruze and Sprite who was born in 2012.

Born: 2000


Tinkerbell is beauty's second calf. She is the mother of Tangles, Storm, Phoenix, Luna and Calypso. Tinkerbell is a dominant female dolphin.

Born: 1990


Zephyr is Shadows second calf. He is very active and very social with the other dolphins. Bella looked after Zephyr when his mother Shadow passed away

Wild Dolphin Viewing & Wild Dolphin Feeding Access

Please note that casual visitors to Moreton Island are not allowed access to the resort premises for the nightly dolphin viewing / feeding experience. All guests that are authorised to stay overnight at properties within the grounds of the resort have general admission access to the dolphin viewing areas each evening. Only guests who have booked official day trips and select overnight stays with Tangalooma Island Resort will be able to participate in the nightly dolphin feeding program, but only if it was included in your original package. Consult your confirmation paperwork to confirm your access.

Wild Dolphin Viewing is dependant on dolphin attendance (the dolphins are wild, therefore arrival is not guaranteed, however we experience a 99% attendance rate), tides and weather conditions. See Dolphin Feeding FAQ's for further information about the experience.

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