Tangalooma EcoMarines

Brisbane Schools' Premier Environmental Education Program: Tangalooma EcoMarines

The Tangalooma EcoMarines is a Brisbane based not-for-profit Foundation. As a registered charity, the foundation works to improve the water quality of waterways and adjacent environments throughout southeast Queensland to enhance the marine environment of the Moreton Bay region.

Our mission is to inspire a community of environmental heroes with our vision for a healthy environment for local marine and wildlife through collaborative community action.

Tangalooma EcoMarines

EcoMarines; is a unique environmental education program aimed at developing environmental leadership and conservation among students of all ages, their schools and school communities, social and sporting clubs, community organisations and private enterprises. In 2017, Tangalooma EcoMarines also launched a comprehensive Early Learning Centre program for pre-school children.

To find out more about the Tangalooma EcoMarines and their impact on marine environmental awareness within school communities and club organisations visit https://ecomarines.org/

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