Sweet Ocean's Photography Guide

Tue, 22 Nov 2016

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Sweet Ocean’s Photography Guide

Sweet Ocean Photography, aka Larisa Oganova notes Tangalooma as her favourite photography hotspot, travelling with her family capturing moments in natures aquatic playground. But exactly what does it take to capture the perfect shot? We caught up with Larisa to get a guide to capturing perfect moments on Moreton Island.

How did you get into photography?

I discovered Photography through my brother, watching him revealing his B&W film 30 years ago...felt in love with the having a moment forever in my hand...I then studied Graphic Design and learned Photography with a famous Cuban Photographer who would told us so many stories about The Habana while sharing infinite slides in the class. I was forever inspired and wanted to be a street photographer and a wildlife researcher for NatGeo. Until then, I only used manual cameras and the uncertainty feeling until you would open the envelope with your photos is something that I still remember like it was yesterday.

Coming to Australia 10 years ago was my biggest jump to take my Photography to the next level, getting into digital, discovering the colours of this big island and enjoying the freedom of shooting outdoors, feeling safe.

When did you first visit Tangalooma Island Resort?

I first visited Tangalooma 7 years ago when we found out we were expecting a baby and my mom came from overseas to visit us. We rented one of the townhouses at the end of the resort and enjoyed every bit of our stay. We snorkelled around the wrecks, straight from the beach on low tide and it felt amazing to take my son for the first time to the open ocean with me.

What did you love most about shooting at Tangalooma/Moreton Island?

The entire island is magical and I think I love everything about it, its sunsets on the water, the sunrise on the other side, the endless beaches, the ocean colour, the dolphins experience, the Wrecks, the big sand dunes... the list will never end!

What is your favourite thing to shoot at Tangalooma/Moreton Island?

Being an Ocean Photographer, my favourite thing is to shoot in the water and have encounters with marine life.

What sort of reactions do you get from fans of @sweetocean when you showcase your Tangalooma/Moreton Island images? 

Everyone loves it! And many are yet to plan a trip to the island and experience what Tangalooma offers!

For other keen photographers out there, what are your top 10 tips to capturing the perfect moment on Moreton Island?

  • Check the weather, swell and tides report

  • Check Tangalooma's website to book the activities you want to experience.

  • Pack your full camera gear, including your housing to jump in the water.

  • Enjoy the slow pace of the island life. Stay at least 3 days to really enjoy the experience.

  • Go on a helicopter flight!

  • Don’t miss out on the sunrises and sunsets. Use mosquitos repellent. :)

  • Bring a little container with fish food for your snorkel experience! Feeding them bread can cause fatalities.

  • Go for walks; it’s amazing what you can find on your way to somewhere.

  • Climb dunes to get interesting perspectives.

  • Have lots of fun and connect with the staff; they are incredibly friendly!

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