Tangalooma Bucket List - Top 5

Thu, 17 Mar 2016

By Tangalooma Island Resort

The Tangalooma Bucket List (Top 5)

The experience is YOURS at Tangalooma. With countless activities on offer and natural wonders to see, there's something for everyone, from thrill-seekers to budding discoverers. To help personalise your visit, we have put together a list of our TOP 5 Tangalooma Bucket List items!

Bucket List #1: Feed Wild Dolphins (and hear them talk!)

The highlight of any visit to Tangalooma is the opportunity to hand feed one of the wild bottlenose dolphins that visit the shores each evening at sunset. The dolphins are playful creatures that visit regularly, each with their own distinctive sounds and unique personalities. Listen closely when it comes your time to feed and you may just hear their high pitched whistles from under the water saying ‘thank you’!

Bucket List #2: Swim with a turtle on the Snorkel Tour of the Wrecks

Join the boat trip for a guided snorkelling tour of the Tangalooma Wrecks, with all gear included. The Tangalooma Wrecks are home to many different species of reef fish, coral formations, marine life and if you're lucky you may even see turtles! Watch them glide around effortlessly with the current or sway peacefully near the sea floor, they are truly magical creatures!

Bucket List #3: Beat the longest Sand-toboggan record on a Desert Safari

Feel the need for speed? Take a journey to the Tangalooma Desert as part of this thrilling off road 4WD tour where getting there is half the fun! Participate in the exhilarating sport of sand tobogganing, reaching speeds of up to 40km per hour! Ask our skilled tour guides to show you where the records lay for the longest sand slides and see if you can beat them! Hot tip: Elbows up, legs straight!

Bucket List #4: Release your inner-hoon and conquer the island on an ATV Quad Bike

Experience the thrill of riding on an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Quad Bike along the beach and through the bushland at Tangalooma. The professional guides will assist you regardless of your experience, providing you with basic bush track training to handle the challenging and exciting trails! Scoot round figure-8 tracks and feel your stomach flip as you dip down the sand dunes, you’ll feel like a pro in no time!

Bucket List #5: Sunset Beach Walk and wish upon a Star(fish)

There are only a handful of locations on the east coast of Australia where you can watch a spectacular sunset over the water and though we might be a little bias, we believe Tangalooma is one of the best, meaning a sunset beach walk is definitely a non-negotiable.  Being located in such a pristine natural environment, we see some pretty amazing natural phenomenon like how sometimes our beaches become scattered with washed up starfish… So, if you do come across these beautiful natural treasures on our shore lines remember to help them out by gently popping them back into the water and making a wish upon a star-fish as you do – how knows, it may just come true!

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