Top 5 of Spring

Sat, 29 Oct 2016

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Top 5 of Spring (What's your favourite thing about Spring and why?)

Spring brings upon us some of the best conditions of the year, so we thought we best catch up with some of our island staff to ask...

Brad – Manager (Tangtours)

Our aquatic playground comes to life during Spring as the weather begins heating up and keen snorkelers, stand-up paddle-boarders, sea scooterer’s, kayakers, fish feeders and more begin jumping into everything water-sports at Tangalooma. Our Tangalooma Water-sports team love getting into the action across these months as we welcome more guests to our island backyard to explore Moreton Island’s not such best kept secret…The Tangalooma Wrecks. Over 200 species of fish reside down here, and across Spring the incredible visibility and warmer water temperatures make these experiences unmissable. So next time you’re on the island pop in and say hello. Our Tangatours & Tangalooma Water-sports teams are here to kick-start your adventure.

Our aquatic playground comes to life during Spring as the weather begins heating up..

Maurie – Tours Desk

Every season is magic here on the Island, but this spring gave us an extra exciting night life, with free, live artists every night over the School holidays, and every weekend, every week. The “Tanga Sessions” gave Queensland’s young talent a chance to show their skills, while playing all the hits and golden oldies. You and your friends could dance the night away or enjoy the music while surfing the web with our free Wi-fi throughout the bar and patio area. Mid-week you could play Bingo, Trivia, and Horse Racing or sing your heart out at Karaoke. I think that you’ll find that there is something for everyone. See you soon. 

Melissa Booth – Tour Guide and Driver

Spring is upon us – my favourite time of the year here at Tangalooma! The wildflowers are out in thick blankets of yellow and white, the butterflies form a Kaleidoscope of colour at every turn and everything feels just that little bit more alive as it awakens from its winter slumber. A trip to the Cape Moreton Lighthouse on one of our island bus tours affords you the rare and exciting opportunity to find a perch, unwind for a while and watch the humpback whales play as they kick off the final days of their warm water migration and prepare to don the winter woollies once more, bound for Antarctica with their newborn calves. Tis the season for bikinis and board shorts for the two legged kind as the weather warms up enough for a dip in the tea tree tannins of Blue Lagoon on the Eastern side of the island. The skies are blue, the sun is warm but still cool enough to allow for a more adventurous expedition like a climb up Mount Tempest, the tallest vegetated sand dune in the world! Or an exhilarating slide down the sand dunes of the Desert, just a short 15 minute drive from the main Resort. Whether you’re swimming, sliding, climbing or driving, Spring at Tangalooma is Magic. Don’t miss it!

Chris Beattie – Eco Ranger

My favourite thing about spring is when you start seeing a lot of baby animals emerging around the resort and in the bay. It’s the beginning of the productive season and there’s a lot of food for the baby birds, baby fish and dolphins to have the best chance of survival. We discovered a white-faced heron chick abandoned by their parents in a nest on the side of the building a couple of weeks ago and began to feed him some fish to keep him alive. He just left the nest a few days ago and now hangs out with the pelicans and cormorants. He still recognises TMECC uniforms and continues to come to us for his breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The sun begins setting just that little bit later in the day, giving our guests a really picturesque dining experience

Illy – Manager (Food & Beverage)

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year at Tangalooma. The sun begins setting just that little bit later in the day, giving our guests a really picturesque dining experience as the sun drops over the Glass House Mountains and across Moreton Bay. The experience is made even better with a glass of chilled wine in hand and some nibbles to share. The launch of our new Copper Grill venue has pleased many guests across Spring, as they enjoy fresh, locally sourced seafoods and meats straight from the grill.

My personal favourite is the Signature 2kg Tomahawk Black Onyx steak served with roasted kipfler potatoes, vine tomatoes and array of sauces and condiments. It is also very popular to share amongst the family. Sometimes I wish it was Spring all year round.

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