6 reasons why whale watching is a must

Mon, 03 Jul 2017

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Here is 6 reasons why whale watching is a must this season (2017)

It’s no secret that the whales have arrived to the 2017 whale watching season in full force! Over 195 Whales have been sighted since the beginning of the season, with all sorts of activity being observed out on the bay.

With the school holidays in full effect, we thought we best highlight exactly why this season of whale watching is set to shine!

1. 30th Year Anniversary

There’s a real buzz around this season so far! Given we’re celebrating our 30th year as a whale watching operator, we’ve been lucky enough to welcome many past guests onto our cruise to relive the experience of witnessing humpback whales in their natural environment. We’re proud to share with new guests aboard, the rich history Tangalooma has had with humpback whales, since transitioning from the largest shore based whaling station in the southern hemisphere in the 1950’s, to becoming one of the largest operators in Australia over 30 years!

2. Guaranteed Whales

What’s a whale watching cruise without seeing a whale? Certainly not what you came here for… So, we guarantee you’ll spot a humpback whale aboard our cruise, because we’ve got our team of expert Eco Rangers, skippers and deckhands on the look-out for these guys! And if we’re just out of luck on the day, we’ll offer you your money back... guaranteed!

3. Juvenile Numbers are increasing early!

This year in particular, we’re noticing a lot more juveniles early in the season. This could be because whale numbers are on the increase, and the birthing seasons seem to be creeping earlier into the season ever so slightly each year! In any case, we know that the whale migration past Moreton Island is creating a hell of a buzz, and we can't wait to experience it with you!

4. For a Good Cause

Across the 2017 whale watching season, we have partnered with the Kids Cancer Project to donate $5 for every whale sighted across the season towards critical research into childhood cancer!

5. Migaloo has to pass by at some point!

We always get asked about the likelihood of spotting the elusive (and incredibly famous) Migaloo each year! This albino humpback has made his way past Moreton Island over the last few years, with our team aboard the Tangalooma Jet spotting him in 2015, and some lucky guests aboard our Tangalooma helicopter tour spotting him 9 nautical miles south of Cape Moreton last year! We have our fingers crossed again this year...and we have a good feeling about it!

6. Lunch included

We’ve created a variety of packages to give you the chance to experience whale watching island style exactly as you’d like. With lunch included on every cruise, as well as your return transfer, eco ranger commentary, a happy snap (digital photo), drink aboard the cruise, resort access and free resort activities as standard, you won’t need to worry about a thing...

So what are you waiting for, discover these majestic mammals up close and in their natural environment. You don’t be disappointed...

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