Exclusive TangaClub Member Offers: TangaClub is our loyalty and reward program for return guests of Tangalooma Island Resort.

As a verified member of the Tangalooma guest loyalty and rewards program - TangaClub, you are entitled to a range of unique offers and discounts year-round. In delivering our commitment, we have devised a new rate structure for TangaClub members, which is now available below - TangaClub members now receive discounts up to 20% off normal rates.

How to become a TangaClub Member

To become a TangaClub Member simply stay at Tangalooma Island Resort and fill out the 'post stay survey' email after checking out - yes it's that easy!

Please note that to get your TangaClub Discount you will need to use the TangaClub Promo Code that will be sent to you regularly on email. If you don't open the most recent TangaClub email - you might miss the latest offer and Promo Code.

Existing TangaClub Members

If you are already currently receiving the TangaClub emails - congratulations you are a verified member of the TangaClub and you can now use the promo codes sent to you to access the great TangaClub rates! Check your next email from Tangalooma which will include your discount code/link:

Not sure if you are a TangaClub member? Check your email below to confirm if you are already a TangaClub member:

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