October Whale Watching Wrap Up

Thu, 05 Oct 2017

By Tangalooma Island Resort

October's Whale Watching Wrap Up

Tangalooma’s 2017 Whale Watching season has been one to remember with guests aboard Australia’s largest dedicated whale watching vessel (The Tangalooma Jet) spotting a whopping 1042 whales so far. With only a few days left of the season, this is your last chance to see these amazing creatures in Moreton Bay this year.

We’ve seen triple whale breaches, spy hops, tail slaps and been surrounded by pods of very curious whales that were eager to get a glimpse of the guests on board the Tangalooma Jet.

Highlights include the sighting of a baby calf that was head lunging while its mouth was open. Our Eco rangers believe this was the baby whale practicing its hunting techniques.

We also spotted a very unique brown whale in Moreton Bay that had approximately 25% of its back coloured with a brown/orange colour.

One inquisitive whale stayed only metres away from the boat for 45mins, delighting guests with it’s gentle curious behavior.

It’s not just whales that guests have been spotting our in the waters of Moreton Bay. We’ve caught a glimpse of a variety of marine life including Manta Rays and a Hammerhead sharks, Green Sea Turtles and playful pods of wild bottlenose dolphins!

Watch the video below to see some of the amazing footage captured on board the Tangalooma Jet this season so far.

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