Nitro Circus visits Tangalooma

Thu, 20 May 2021

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Nitro Circus LANDS at Tangalooma Island Resort

When the crew from Nitro Circus said they were going to drop into Tangalooma - we didn't know they meant this!

To promote the upcoming 2021 Nitro World Games in Brisbane, the Nitro Circus team have literally descended on Brisbane to help promote the event and with 'adventure' as their middle name, the usual ferry ride over to Tangalooma was not an option! Instead, freestyle Motocross Riders (FMX) Josh 'Sheeny' Sheehan, Harry Bink and Jackson 'Jacko' Strong, along with professional skydiver and wakeboarder Jeff Weatherall, chose to skydive from Elite Helicopters, dropping in from around 5,000 feet. As the helicopter circled its way upwards, the crew swung boldly from the skids before freefalling seemingly into the abyss for what seemed like an eternity. To the relief and cheers from the assembled crowd of Resort guests waiting anxiously below, the chutes opened and they glided their way safely down before landing on the golden sands of Tangalooma Island Resort. What a way to arrive...!

The crew were later joined by fellow team members Ryan Williams and Todd Meyn as they took to the sandy ATV Quad Bike tracks under the watchful eye of the tour guides before finishing the day with a cool swim and some stand up paddleboarding fun beside the Tangalooma jetty.

Check out some of the extreme footage from the day below:

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