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Brisbane's most unique teambuilding & Incentive destination

Tangalooma Island Resort is one of Australia's most unique destinations for team building events. With lots of tours and activities to participate in, as well as a range of customised itineraries available, our team confidently caters for the most diverse range of team experiences. Tangalooma upholds a proud working partnership with Banana Life Team Building for all conference and corporate clients.

If you are in Brisbane and are looking for a tropical, relaxing yet fun filled destination for your team building event then contact the events team from Tangalooma Island Resort today.

Banana Life Team Building options

Not sure what kind of Team Building event will be suitable for your team dynamics? Looking for a stress-free company event? Here is a range of some of our Team Building partner Banana Life's most popular Team Building themed events, all available at Tangalooma:

Outdoor Team Building Activities:

Scavenger Hunt - Banana Life Team Building at Tangalooma
Scavenger Hunt (app-based)
8-300 people
1-2 hours

Our most popular event at Tangalooma! This activity encourages teams to work together by prioritising missions, problem-solving, being creative and exploring opportunities. Our app leads small teams to complete fun-filled creative missions around the resort. This is not a foot-race, but a game built on strategy and creativity! The finale includes the hilarious video presentation of all submissions and a memorable winners announcement.

Amazing Race - Banana Life Team Building at Tangalooma
Amazing Race (app-based)
8-300 people
1-2 hours

Inspired by the ‘Amazing Race’ TV show and classic Scavenger Hunts, this activity is the perfect mix of problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and creativity. Teams race around Tangalooma Island Resort, competing against each other in a series of questions, creative photo and video tasks and physical challenges. It’s fast-paced, and ends with a live-voting presentation before the winners are announced and crowned champions! Game On!

Island Survivor - Banana Life Team Building at Tangalooma
Island Survivor
10-300 people
2-3 hours

Your group will be split into an even number of tribes, competing in a head-to-head rotation of exciting and strategic beach challenges. Each team is incentivised by “totems” and the team with the most of these will win! If you love the TV Show ‘Survivor’ and want to maximise the time spent ‘facing off’ in challenges, then this is perfect for you. We’ll test physical, mental and problem-solving skills. The strongest players rarely win ...

Raft Building - Banana Life Team Building at Tangalooma
Beach Olympics
20-500 people
2-3 hours

Team spirit, determination and teamwork are the keys to success in Beach Olympics! This adventure-style team building activity provokes competitiveness yet doesn’t intimidate participants who may be lacking in sporting or physical prowess. Beach Olympics creates a carnival atmosphere of music, games and energetic challenges, such as classic Sack Races, Ultimate Frisbee, Catapult Firing, Relay Races and many more.

To view more Team Building options, download the Banana Life x Tangalooma Team Building brochure here:

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