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Brisbane's most unique teambuilding & Incentive destination

Tangalooma Island Resort is one of Australia's most unique destinations for team building events. With lots of tours and activities to participate in, as well as a range of customised itineraries available, our team confidently caters for the most diverse range of team experiences. Tangalooma upholds a proud working partnership with Banana Life Team Building for all conference and corporate clients.

If you are in Brisbane and are looking for a tropical, relaxing yet fun filled destination for your team building event then contact the events team from Tangalooma Island Resort today.

Banana Life Team Building options

Not sure what kind of Team Building event will be suitable for your team dynamics? Looking for a stress-free company event? Here is a range of some of our Team Building partner Banana Life's most popular Team Building themed events, all available at Tangalooma:


Inspired by the TV Show, this activity is the perfect mix of action, strategy and stamina. Your strategy is critical, as alliances form and relationships strengthen around you!


  • Recruit a star played from a competitor's team
  • Give strategic bonuses to opposing teams
  • Play a double card so you can earn extra points for challenges you are confident in

Perfect for teams of 20 - 120 in outdoor areas. Duration is 2 - 3 hours.

Includes all equipment and bandanas, a range of optional theming extras are available, professional facilitators and a Survivor MC and a 'Tribal Council'.

The Buzzz

Can your team produce an ad campaign worth of Saatchi and Saatchi? Do they know your corporate values, current challenges or long term goals well enough to write, produce and star in a TV commercial that will get everyone talking?


  • All team members are engaged from start to finish, each electing to be in front or behind the camera!
  • Brilliantly anchors your Company services, products, values, goals etc
  • Unforgettable team experience

Perfect for teams of 8 - 50 in indoor/outdoor areas. Duration is 2.5 hours for filming, with final video presentation later. A presentation screening session is recommended.

Includes Movie Cameras, Sound effects, choice of a huge range of Costumes and Props. We copy your commercials to DVD and send them to you after the program.

Amazing Scavenger Race

A scavenger hunt with a real difference! Teams set out into the local area, racing against other teams to complete a series of questions, tasks & challenges before finishing off the event at an unknown destination for the GRAND FINALE! Inspired by the TV show 'The Amazing Race' this activity is the perfect mix of problem-solving and teamwork.

Planted clues, creative and interpretive missions, trivia, even conspiring pedestrians and unlikely characters are all woven magically together to bring you a team-building experience like no other. Teams compete to complete missions in the most ingenious, daring, and creative fashion. The mission may be a clue, a creative challenge, a photo replication, a public display of outrageousness...the list goes on!

Perfect for teams of 10 - 100 in outdoor areas, public or private areas. Duration is 2 - 3 hours. Includes customization to your location or ours. We can include specific locations or businesses as required.

Includes All equipment and bandanas, A range of optional theming extras are available, Professional facilitators, Customized game sheets for each team, All park permits and licences, Use of special SMS System, tracking and reporting systems.

Are You Game?

This is an interactive game show, where everyone's a star! Guided by our expert game facilitators, unleash your teams' creative talents in ways you never thought were possible. Learn about your team - who has the best memory, who has the fastest hands, and who looks the best in our 'fashion finale'.

Perfect for teams of 20 - 200 in indoor areas. Duration is 2 - 3 hours. Well-suited as a seated conference activity, can be customised to fit between meals.

Art & Abstract

Discover your internal Picasso and allow everyone's talents to shine. Art Team Building brings teams together by creating something they never thought possible. Learn the secrets of great paintings and have a laugh in the process!


  • Progress through a series of fun and failure-proof creative exercises
  • Brilliantly anchors your Company services, products, values, goals etc
  • Development of mutual understanding of skills within the team

Perfect for teams of 8 - 100 in indoor area, seated extra information: Very powerful medium for exploring business concepts and values. Duration is 2 - 3 hours.

Includes all painting equipment and canvas, a range of optional theming extras are available and a professional art facilitator.

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