Tangalooma Video Gallery


Watch all the thrills of Tangalooma through our online YouTube and Vimeo channels. With videos presented by Ben Southall, Bill McDonald and Andy Bichel, you may even feel like you're actually here!

Tangalooma Island Resort Presented by Andy Bichel

Official Tangalooma International Brand Ambassador and Former Australian Cricket Player Andy Bichel gives us his tour of Tangalooma Island Resort:

Tangalooma Island Resort Presented by Bill McDonald

Tangalooma Island Resort is frequently visited by Brisbane's Seven News presenter Bill McDonald, and he also gives a look of Tangalooma behind the scenes:

Tangalooma Island Resort Presented by Ben Southall

Adventurer, Digi Journalist and winner & author of The Best Job in the World - Ben Southall tells you all you need to know about the activities on Tangalooma Island Resort:

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