Blue Lagoon

Freshwater Lake on moreton Island, Queensland

Although Moreton Island is completely surrounded by salt water, Blue Lagoon is 42 hectares of fresh water. Unlike most freshwater lakes, which are fed by local freshwater streams or rivers, Blue Lagoon is filled from the fresh, underground water table that comes up through the sandy soil. Blue Lagoon is estimated to be made up of 2.5 thousand million cubic meters of fresh water.

Blue Lagoon has its own distinctive flora and fauna, including dragonflies, damselflies and caddisflies, along with various algae, shrimp and crayfish feeding on the bottom of the warm water. If you’re lucky you may even be able to find pipis or shellfish by feeling about in the sand with your toes. These shellfish are a favourite of the Oystercatcher bird which you will probably see along the lake edges.

Swimming in Blue Lagoon

Hidden away in Moreton Island, Blue Lagoon is a natural freshwater lake largely known as a both a great swimming location and bird watching hub, with many species living around the area. Blue Lagoon is a popular swimming location for young families and international backpackers and tourists as it features a lot of shallow fresh water, making it a very safe place for swimming.

Although named Blue Lagoon the water is surprisingly a brown colour, thanks to the natural tea tree oils infused within the lake. Blue Lagoon can be accessed from various private tours through Tangalooma Island Resort, please see the tours desk to find out more information.

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