Tangalooma Desert

Explore desert beauty & excitement just minutes from the resort

On a clear day a combination of deep sky blue and yellow colours treat visitors who visit the Moreton Island Desert. A large area deserted of nearly all vegetation, the Desert is only a short bush 4x4 drive from Tangalooma Island Resort. The Desert is a large area of Moreton Island that is formed by natural erosion and is constantly changing shape thanks to the wind moving the sand around the dunes.

The Desert is located 1 kilometre south east of Tangalooma, and the bare sand dunes are surrounded by thick vegetation. As one of the most visited parts of Moreton Island, the Desert is famous for its steep sandy hills which are perfect sliding down at high speeds on waxed up Masonite boards. Keep the front of your board up high to ensure you slide down at optimum speeds and remember to keep your mouth closed!

The Desert's sand colours

If you dig down beside Lightning Ridge you will find an interesting mix of 32 different colours of sand. Everything from white to yellow to orange to black can be found just underneath the surface. Different elements such as Ilmenite, Humate, Rutile, Silica and Zircon are what create this rainbow of colour under the sand surface. Scientists do not know precisely how the desert was formed but they have theories that range from fire to meteorites.

Where is the Desert located?

The Desert is located about 1 kilometre south east of Tangalooma on Moreton Island, making it a short 4x4 drive from the bayside of Moreton Island. If you are wanting to visit the Desert, it is easily accessible by the Tangalooma 4x4 Buses during the daily Desert Safari Tours.

What is the Desert Safari Tour?

The Moreton Island Desert is famous for its large steep sand dunes which are perfect for ‘sand tobogganing’ on waxed up masonite boards. To experience this adrenaline filled natural adventure book a ticket on the Desert Safari Tour to take a bus trip through the bush to The Desert, were Tangalooma Island Resort is the only operator permitted by national parks to take vehicles onto the sand.

The Tangalooma Desert Safari Tour takes you on a journey to the Tangalooma Desert as part of this thrilling 4WD tour where getting there is half the fun. Participate in the exhilarating sport of sand tobogganing, reaching speeds of up to 40km per hour! Remember to bring your hat, sunglasses and camera - some of the best videos come from a GoPro strapped to your head!

Join in on the Tangalooma Desert Safari Tour to experience sand tobogganing down the slopes, with Masonite boards included:

Desert Safari Tour

Looking for an extra fitness challenge? See how many consecutive times you can climb up the sand dunes!

Popular with Tourists

It is easy to see why The Desert is a popular place to visit by tourists to Moreton Island, with some of photos taken by visitors on social media here:

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