Surfing Moreton Island - Point Breaks & Beaches

Epic Surfing Adventures on Moreton Island - Uncrowded beach & point breaks

Surfing enthusiasts, get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure on the uncrowded breaks of Moreton Island.

Moreton Island (Mulgumpin) boasts a dynamic and diverse surfing landscape, with its beaches, spits, and bays scattered amidst rugged rocky headlands that offer challenging waves and varying surf conditions throughout the day.

You will also need your own 4WD vehicle to explore beyond the Resort, driving the beach and sandtracks to discover some great island breaks across an array of thrilling spots that cater to your adventurous spirit.

⚠️ Surf Safety 🦈 

Given the remote access and location of these breaks, coupled with unpredictable open-ocean swells - these breaks are only recommended to experienced surfers and should not be attempted by newbies or novices. It is also worth noting that these breaks in the remote parts of Moreton Island are located in a very healthy marine wilderness zone, which are home to a variety of species of sharks. There are no shark nets near these surf beaches & breaks. Never surf alone and take all necessary safety precautions. The Resort takes no responsibility for the safety of guests and visitors to these remote spots, and by providing this information, it does not endorse the taking of personal risk in and around these spots. 

North Point: The Endless Right Break

For those seeking a heart-pounding challenge, North Point is the place to be. Here, the waves break to the right, offering an exhilarating ride that can stretch up to a jaw-dropping 300 meters. Nestled behind the rocky embrace of North Point, this break remains sheltered from the winds. Beneath the surface, you'll find a sandy bottom with scattered rocks, adding an extra dimension of excitement to your surf. When exploring the beach and surrounds - take the time to hike up to .

North Point Surf Break in bottom left

Boulders: A Hidden Gem 

Just a stone's throw away from North Point, Boulders is a hidden gem nestled within a sheltered bay, surrounded by formidable rocks on either side. However, be prepared for a thrilling twist: there are massive submerged boulders lurking beneath the water's surface. Extreme caution is paramount when tackling this spot. To reach it, navigate a path over a grassy sand dune from North point. Keep an eye out for a North Point Light - a small white lighthouse to ensure you're on the right track.

Moreton Island Honeymoon Bay

taylor Bight: A tranquil beauty 

Taylor Bight, located at the end of the scenic Bulwer to Taylor Bight road, awaits surfers seeking tranquility and waves. This small sand bay offers a unique surfing experience, but beware of the shifting shorelines, which can result in shorter breaks. It's not just a secret surf spot in the right conditions; it's also a fantastic spot for fishing enthusiasts. Works best in offshore winds from the south to southwest coupled with swell direction from the northeast.

The Open Beaches of Moreton Island's East Coast

Venture along the eastern surfside beaches, a 38-kilometer stretch along the east coast of Moreton Island. Here, the waters are often rough and exposed, and lifeguards are nowhere to be found. Optimal conditions has the wind from the west combining with a swell from the east. Here, you'll encounter waves originating from both local windswells and distant groundswells, offering a variety of surfing experiences. This untamed coast promises endless waves for the daring surfer. But, be vigilant and respect the power of nature; watch out for rips and undertows as you take on this coast on with your mates.

Moreton Island Honeymoon Bay

Respect the Waves and the Environment

Remember to prioritize safety and respect the environment as you chase your surfing dreams on this incredible island. Leave only footprints and keep the waves and beauty alive for the next genertaion.

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