ATV Quad Bike Tour

A must-do Tangalooma activity - hit the dunes for an adrenaline session

Experience the thrill of riding on an ATV quad bike along the beach and through the bushland at Tangalooma. Our professional guides will assist you regardless of your experience, providing you with basic bush track training to handle the best dedicated ATV quad bike tracks in Australia.

  • ATV Quad Bike Tour
  • Solo $85 /Per Person
    Tandem $65 /Per Person (Requires 2 people)
  • 45 minutes
  • ATV Quad Bike Easy Rider Tour
  • Solo $85 /Per Person
    Tandem $65 /Per Person (Requires 2 people)
  • 60 Minutes
  • Discounted 2nd Ride Price (single bikes only)
  • Individual $65 /Per Person
  • 45 minutes


Tangalooma Island Resort

Available days

Operates daily

Activity times

10am | 11am | 12pm | 2pm | 3pm | 4pm

What to bring

Enclosed Footwear, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat

How to book

Book online with your accommodation, book as part of a Day Trip or visit the Tours Desk on the island (Next to Reception)

Terms and Conditions

Please note that it is a condition of booking that prior to booking an ATV Quad bike tour at the Resort that you must pre-read the Liability Waiver for this tour which can be found here.

The above prices are for pre booked resort guests, prices may vary when booking on the island. Children aged 5 - 9 year olds can ride on the back of a parents bike if parents have signed all required waiver forms and provide valid drivers licence from their country of origin. 10 - 15 year olds can ride on their own as long they are chaperoned by an adult, and we have parents consent via signature on the waiver form. Individuals under the age of 18 will be allocated an appropriate quad bike in line with the manufacturer's safety and age specifications. As such they may be required to drive a smaller/lower-powered quad than those allocated to adults. Second-ride discount is subject to availability and only applies to individual bike rides not tandems. Tandem quads drivers can carry a passenger only if the driver has a valid drivers licence from their country of origin. Duration of this tour is 40–45 minutes including briefing and training. This information should be used as a guide only. Tour details subject to change for P&O arrivals. Prices valid to March 31, 2025. Activity and tour details, prices and timings are subject to change at any time - please refer to the What's On Guide for specific tour details during your stay.

Some of our activities and tours are physically demanding, and may pose a health or safety risk. For your safety, you must disclose before booking if you are suffering from any injury, medical condition (such as pregnancy, epilepsy, asthma or cardiovascular conditions), disability, disease or illness which may be aggravated by participation in, or may interfere with your ability to safely participate in our products. If you are unsure, or have any further questions, you should contact us before booking (ph: 1300 652 250).

Management reserve the right to refuse any passenger from participating in any tour or hiring equipment that may be (a) intoxicated, (b) under the influence of drugs, (c) consuming or carrying intoxicating drugs or alcohol, (d) abusive or acting in a threatening manner, or (e) displaying any signs of a medical condition that may pose a danger to the themselves, other passengers or the safe operation of the tour/equipment. The directions of staff must be obeyed and any refusal to co-operate may result in you being excluded from the tour. No refund will be issued to passengers that do not adhere to these requirements. This policy is in place to ensure the safety of all participants and to maintain the integrity of our tours and experiences.

Access to Tour Provider & Equipment Hire Services

Only official authorised visitors to Tangalooma Island Resort are allowed to access the tour provider, equipment hire, and booking services that are based at Tangalooma. Unauthorised casual visitors to Moreton Island are not permitted to use these facilities & services. See our Casual Visitor Policy for further information.

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