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Sun, 01 Oct 2017

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Preserving our little piece of paradise for years to come

We think exploring the wonders of Brisbane’s island playground is one of the best experiences Queensland has to offer. Moreton Island is close enough for a day trip from Brisbane, but reminiscent of more famous and expensive islands people fly to. With its jaw-dropping natural beauty it’s easy to see why so many tourist and locals flock to Moreton Island and the Tangalooma Wrecks.

The Tangalooma Wrecks are a unique and exciting dive and snorkel site with an amazing array of marine life, including 200 species of tropical fish, wobbegongs, trevally, kingfish and yellowtail.

As part of the mission to preserve the natural beauty of Moreton Bay, staff working at Tanga Water Sports and Tangalooma Island Resort planned a ‘Sweep Our Seas Dive’ event on the 15th of July 2017, with the aim to collect debris such as nets and fishing line that may entangle and injure marine life.

It's important for us to make people more aware of the debris crisis

It was an all day event with the dive itself lasting about 30 minutes. Rubbish was collected in mesh bags and a support boat followed the divers with a staff member on board to help collect the debris when the divers surfaced.

Staff enjoying a BBQ
Project Aware

The dive volunteers were divided into three dive groups each starting in different sections of the wrecks and surrounding areas.

At the end of the day the team spent a couple of hours sorting through the collection of debris, sorting it into piles and recycling what they could.

Anna, one of the divers participating said "It's important for us to make people more aware of the debris crisis around our oceans as this problem is becoming more of an issue everyday with millions on tonnes of pollution making its way each year into our waters. It saddens us to find that this debris problem is now encroaching on our local marine life and their environment.”

Briefing before the dive
Sweep Our Seas Dive volunteers

Tangalooma Island Resort aims to be an industry leader in eco-tourism experiences and are changing the way they do things to preserve the unique and highly valued national and marine parks that surrounds the resort.

Tangalooma Island Resort is also a member of EarthCheck, a global eco accreditation program that assists corporations to lift their game when it comes to protecting the environment.

Through education, attitudes can change and people become aware of their environments and are motivated to make a difference. To find out more about ocean conservation and how you can make a positive change to the environment visit https://www.projectaware.org/ and http://www.take3.org/.

Divers with the rubbish collected
Some of the Rubbish collected from the dive

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