EarthCheck Gold Eco-accreditation, Certification, & Advisory Group

EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism.

Our Environmental Commitment and Journey So Far

Tangalooma Island Resort aims to be an industry leader in ecotourism experiences. We are members of EarthCheck, a global eco accreditation program that assists corporations like us to lift their game when it comes to protecting the environment, through exemplary business policy and practices. We are changing the way we do things to preserve the unique and highly valued national and marine parks that surround our resort. We make major contributions to our local environment through:

Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation (Eco Centre)

A passionate and dedicated team of Eco Rangers provides a wide range of eco walks, tours and presentations for all ages and backgrounds. These tours are designed to interactively educate people about conservation and the Moreton Island ecosystems. Through education, attitudes can change. People become aware of their environments and are motivated to make a difference.

The Eco Centre is positioned in the centre of two protected environments; Moreton Bay Marine Park and Moreton Island National Park, with endangered animals in both areas. Dolphins, dugongs, whales, turtles, rays, marine birds, protected native species and many other species are the focus of interpretative talks and presentations hosted by the centre.

Tangalooma EcoMarines

Tangalooma EcoMarines Foundation (TEM) is a not for profit education and conservation program that assists and sponsors community engagement and action to protect the marine life of Moreton Bay. Tangalooma EcoMarines is a free, membership based partnership among mutual interested schools, organisations and community groups who believe they have a strong role to play in helping to manage the impacts of everyday mainland activities on local catchments and river systems that feed into Moreton Bay.

Tangalooma EcoMarines is Brisbane’s most innovative and effective education and conservation movement to save the marine life of Moreton Bay and takes local action to clean up the waterways of Brisbane and to protect and preserve marine life through a wide range of activities.

As a registered charity, the Foundation works with schools and sporting clubs, the business sector and community organisations to improve the water quality of waterways throughout South East Queensland.

We fight pollution on every front from litter and storm water run-off to sedimentation from land clearing and erosion.

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Change on the scale that we are making, takes time. We have been on the journey for many years, improving what we do as we learn and adapt to new ideas and technologies. We proudly describe and promote our commitment throughout the resort through our Environmental Policy Statement. We look forward to sharing more of our environmental initiatives with you as we progress.

Environmental & Social Sustainability Policy:

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Tangalooma Island Resort - 2023 Certified Gold

Tangalooma Island Resort - 2022 Certified Gold

Tangalooma Island Resort - 2021 Certified Silver

Tangalooma Island Resort - 2020 Certified Silver

Tangalooma Island Resort - 2018 Digital Certificate Benchmarked Silver

Tangalooma Island Resort - 2016 Digital Certificate Benchmarked Bronze

Tangalooma Island Resort - 2015 Evaluation Certificate

Tangalooma Island Resorts Environmental Efforts

  • Tangalooma holds Gold Certification through EarthCheck

  • Benchmarking data: Collecting data to track our waste, energy and water consumption. Shows our performance year on year and also benchmarks against other EarthCheck properties.

  • Green team

  • Audits: Independent yearly auditor to check benchmarked data. Will report on major non-conformances and minor non-conformances. Major non-conformances must be fixed within 3 months and minor non-conformances within 12 months.

  • Animal rescues

  • No plastic bags in shop outlets

  • The resort shop actually stopped using plastic bags in 2013

  • Paper straws are available on request at all Food & Beverage outlets

  • Worm farm

  • Recycling stations

  • 100% of water is recycled

  • Tangalooma is the main sponsor of Tangalooma EcoMarines

  • The resort is energy efficient by reclaiming heat from generators to provide hot water for entire Resort

  • Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are topped up from bulk containers

  • The resort offers world class educational programs and welcomes students from Australia, China, Japan, America and the UK

  • Guests are educated about conservation by:

    • Wild Dolphin feeding

    • Whale Watching

    • Additional tours and activities

    • Resort in-house TV

    • Boat movie

    • Resort staff

  • Cane Toad Detection Dog on Moreton Island housed and Sponsored by Tangalooma

  • Gardeners assist QPWS in track clearing

  • Tangalooma Assist MIPC with transport to remote areas for sea grass surveys

  • Tangalooma assists Griffith University with weed eradication programmes on island

  • Tangalooma assists BCC with weed eradication programmes on island

  • Tangalooma assist SES

  • Tangalooma assists QFRS on Moreton Island during hazard reduction burns

  • Tangalooma assists QFRS on Moreton island for transport and meeting / training venues

  • Tangalooma assists Maritime Safety Queensland with shipping navigation marker clearing

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