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Sat, 30 Sep 2017

By Tangalooma Island Resort

photographer Sean Scott's Best Photographs of Moreton Island

Sean Scott is one of Australia’s most well-known photographers and has been travelling the globe for the past 15 years capturing some of mother natures finest moments. Sean’s photography is the result of a career built on amazing memories and timeless stories. 

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Come on a journey around Moreton Island as Sean share’s a collection of his favourite photo’s below, showcasing Queensland's beautiful Moreton Island.

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Cape Cliff | Moreton Island

Image taken 17 July 2009 “Cape Cliff”
Taken with 16-35mm lens on a Canon 1DS Mark

This stretch of beach is as peaceful as it is beautiful. It was a perfect winter's day so I decided to take an adventure to the other side of the island. Classic blue water and white sand made for some epic conditions to photograph both landscape and water photography.

Tangalooma Wrecks at Sunset | Moreton Island

Image taken 20 July 2009 “Tangalooma Wrecks”
Taken with 16-35mm lens on a Canon 1DS Mark

The iconic Tangalooma Wrecks are something every has to see. From sunrise to sunset it offers awesome opportunities to photograph... You’ll find yourself shooting it more than once!

Tangalooma Sunset | Moreton Island

Image taken 17 July 2009
Taken with 16-35mm lens on a Canon 1DS Mark

There’s something about the sunset and palm trees at Moreton Island. It really makes you feel like you're on holidays. The palm tree silhouette at sunset was really fun to play with!

Beach | Moreton Island

Image taken 18 July 2009
Taken with 16-35mm lens on a Canon 1DS Mark

Another amazing beach that needs to be visited. The pandanus border the crystal blue water and makes for an awesome landscape image and not to mention an epic beach day. I’ll be heading back here to try it at sunrise/sunset.

Tangalooma Ship Wrecks | Moreton Island

Image taken 21 July 2009
Taken with 15mm lens on a Canon 1DS Mark

You could swim around the Tangalooma Wrecks all day. I visited it most days on my stay on the island, it’s definitely the most photographed spot for me it's so versatile. The wrecks are an incredible back drop for a split shot, not to mention the abundance of marine life.

Moreton Island Ship Wrecks | Moreton Island

Image taken 21 July 2009
Taken with 16-35mm lens on a Canon 1DS Mark

White sandy beaches and crystal clear water, what more could you ask for...Perhaps some sunken ships to explore. I can’t wait to get back to Moreton Island to adventure again. It's such a photographers dream.

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