Hidden Gem: Mirapool Lagoon

Wed, 10 Jan 2018

By Tangalooma Island Resort

Moreton Island's Hidden Gem: Mirapool Lagoon

It's no surprise that Australian's love getting outside and exploring Moreton Island. The beaches are world class, the sun is always shining in our sunshine state, and there are plenty of adventures waiting for those eager island explorers. But on an island surrounded by lush national park it can be difficult to seek out those hidden island gems only the locals seem to know about! As the old saying goes, sharing is caring! So here is one hidden gem that is well worth the trip! 

Mirapool Lagoon

Located on the South/East side of Moreton Island, Mirapool Lagoon is a hidden sanctuary teeming with beautiful views, calm swimming waters and plenty of wildlife. Cut off from the ocean by a long sandy bank, Mirapool Lagoon is a unique combination of the underground natural fresh water and the oceans salt water which spills over with each high tide.

Mirapool Lagoon
Mirapool Lagoon Tourist Sign

Depending on the day's tide there is usually plenty of sandy areas for setting up the perfect spot for the day. The open area of Mirapool Lagoon is largely clear shallow water making it a favourite among local Brisbane families staying on the island. The salt and freshwater combination results in the lagoon being much easier to swim and float than most other freshwater lagoons. Holiday makers are often sighted with inflatable floatation devices as the sandbank make it a much safer place for swimming.

Clear waters at Mirapool Lagoon
Mirapool Lagoon

Sheltered by surrounding trees and shrubs, you really feel like you have stumbled across a hidden location, and the landscape is constantly changing with each high and low tide.

As Mirapool Lagoon is less known than other spots around the island such as Blue Lagoon, it is generally less crowded and more intimate. Mirapool Lagoon is accessible via 4WD, just off the Mirapool Bypass Track.

The lagoon's waters are filled with many fish in all different stages of life, and as such the surrounding areas of Mirapool Lagoon are considered vital feeding and roosting sites for birds such as waders.

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Mirapool Lagoon Map

How to get to Mirapool Lagoon

To experience the vastly untouched beauty of Mirapool Lagoon, hook up with an experienced local guide on the Southern Safari Tour, or hire a 4WD from the resort and make your own way down.

Southern Safari Tour

Find out more about Mirapool Lagoon on the Southern Safari Tour

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