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Mon, 07 Feb 2022

By Tangalooma Island Resort


Our Tangalooma wildlife family has expanded!

 Moreton Island and Tangalooma Island Resort are lucky to be a haven of local wildlife. Throughout the island there are plenty of wildlife watching opportunities, from spotting unique marine life out at the Wrecks, to birdwatching opportunities in the lush National Park, to our very own wild dolphin, kookaburra, pelican and seabird experiences.
One of the many birds found on Moreton Island is the pheasant coucal, a species of cuckoo bird. In October 2021, a pheasant coucal chick was found by our Eco Ranger team in the middle of one of the sand tracks at Tangalooma. Unusually, this bird had recently hatched, so she should have been with her family in their nest amongst the shrubs. She was carefully placed back in the bushes with the hope her parents would look after her, however she was again found a short time later back in the middle of the track.
The Eco Ranger team realised her nest had likely been disturbed by a feral cat or snake, which was why she was found by herself. She was taken into care by Tangalooma’s Eco Centre, until she could hunt and catch food for herself. The team named her ‘Charlie’.
When Charlie had grown, she was released back into the National Park with the team expecting to say their goodbyes and part ways. Charlie had other plans! She made her way back down into the Resort and is now regularly seen in and around the gardens, making them her new home.

The pheasant coucal is a timid species of bird, so most humans rarely get a glimpse of one in the wild. Charlie is an exception! Due to her being hand raised, she is not scared of human interaction. She has grown into a very curious and inquisitive bird, and can be seen hanging out with the Tangalooma gardening team – her favourite spot is perched on the end of a rake or shovel, which makes it a bit hard for the gardeners to work!
Unlike all other Australian members of the cuckoo family, pheasant coucals are ground dwellers and built their nests in low lying trees and shrubs. They are also the only cuckoo members to raise their own young – all other members found in Australia rely on laying their eggs in a nest of another bird species, leaving their young to be adopted and raised by a foreign bird.
When you next visit Tangalooma, keep an eye out for Charlie wondering along the front path and in the gardens, on the hunt for her next meal! Make sure you keep your distance and let Charlie approach you, as we do not want to stress her in anyway.
Charlie, George, and the Eco Centre team look forward to meeting you at Tangalooma!

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