Meet George the Welcome Swallow

Mon, 15 Apr 2019

By Eco Ranger Jess

Meet George - The 'Welcome' Swallow

At Tangalooma Island Resort we are extremely fortunate to live in an environment that is home to many different species of birds. One of the first birds you may encounter when you arrive on Moreton Island is the charismatic Welcome Swallow that will dance in rhythmic flight, greeting guests as they make their way along the jetty to shore.

Last October however, when one of these little birds tragically fell from his nest, the team in the Eco Centre immediately tried to return him but unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. At just a few hours old, no-one had high expectations for his survival.

The Eco Rangers watched him carefully over the next unpredictable first few days, as his shallow breathing eventually became stronger, and witnessed this remarkable little bird cling to life. As weeks rolled in to months, he grew from strength to strength, growing his first few feathers, learning how to fly and spending his days nestling on the shoulders of each of the Eco Rangers.

The day arrived when it was time to release him into the wild but this remarkable little bird continued to return to the Eco Centre even after his release. He would often return on the shoulders of surprised guests who had realized a little bird had joined them on their walk to the coffee shop. Despite several failed attempts trying to release him back into the wild – this little bird would always end up returning, squeaking in cheerful chorus as he burst through the doors of the Eco Centre almost declaring in bird song “I am home!”

After several failed attempts to release him, a decision was made to keep this little bird, which clearly identified as one of the team. It seemed fitting to give this new member a name – George.

So, the Eco Rangers set to work, making the Eco Centre a suitable home for George. He now has two nests, one of which includes a little bath and a feeding station where he helps himself to a high protein diet. Over the past few months George has become a fast favourite for many guests who arrive at the Eco Centre hoping to see him. George seems to communicate best by landing on guests' shoulders, he particularly loves sitting in on presentations and listening to the ABC radio at night. The next time you visit Tangalooma Island Resort, pay a visit to the Eco Centre where you will receive a most delightful welcome!

About the author

Eco Ranger Jess

Jess is one of the many Eco Rangers at Tangalooma Island Resort's Eco Centre. Jess often joins in on the Whale Watching Cruise as the on board Eco Ranger.

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