Dolphin Feeding FAQ

Dolphin Feeding Frequently Asked Questions

The Dolphin Care Program operates to strict guidelines, therefore restrictions on feeding apply. The number of guests able to feed the dolphins will depend on weather, tidal conditions and dolphin attendance.

Please note: Timeshare, Casual Visitors and guests staying in private accommodation are not permitted to partake in feeding the dolphins.Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Feeding is only permitted for guests staying in accommodation that is managed by Tangalooma Island Resort.

Please follow all directions given by Dolphin Care Staff. We hope that you find the program enjoyable, however our priority is to ensure the health and safety of the dolphins, as well as all who come to interact with them. Please listen carefully to all instructions and advice offered by any member of the Dolphin Care Team.

Flash photography from the beach is not permitted (but is allowed from the jetty)

Close-up camera flashes may cause the dolphins stress, and may be harmful to their sensitive eyes. The Tangalooma Photo Shop has a team of professional photographers who are trained to not aim the flash in the dolphins eyes (this is why they stand behind the dolphins). You can purchase your photos from the Tangalooma Photo Shop or online after.

Please do not wear insect repellents, perfumes, deodorants or sunscreens into the water

The dolphins' skin may be very sensitive to some common man-made chemicals.

If you have a cold, flu or respiratory illness you are not permitted to feed the dolphins

Dolphins can catch all sorts of illnesses - even human ones!

Do not enter the feed area unless directed to by a member of the Dolphin Care Team

Minimising our use of the dolphins' area allows them to feel confident they will not be disturbed there.

Wear something you do not mind getting wet and remove any sharp or large hand jewellery

Jewellery such as rings, watches and bracelets can scratch the dolphins skin or even eyes. This also ensures you do not accidentally lose or drop your jewellery.

Disinfect your hands in the bucket provided before handling the fish

It is important that we do not pass any bacteria onto the dolphins when handling the fish we feed them.

Hold the fish firmly by the tail

Dolphins prefer to eat fish heads first. This helps them avoid problems with any spines that the fish may have.

When directed by staff, walk into the water

Keep your fish well clear of the water and do not feed the dolphins until staff tell you.

Hold the fish steady under the water until a dolphin takes it

Pulling the fish away from the dolphin encourages it to snatch the fish.

Under no circumstances touch or pat the dolphins

Dolphins have sensitive skin and some do not like being touched by humans at all. We have hundreds of people who feed the dolphins every day. If patting was allowed this would be very stressful for the dolphins. This is also a requirement of the Queensland Government and anyone that breaks this rule will be asked leave the water immediately. Please respect this rule.

By following these few simple steps, your dolphin feeding experience will be much more enjoyable and the dolphins will thank you too!

Wild Dolphin Viewing & Wild Dolphin Feeding Access

Please note that casual visitors to Moreton Island are not allowed access to the resort premises for the nightly dolphin viewing / feeding experience. All guests that are authorised to stay overnight at properties within the grounds of the resort have general admission access to the dolphin viewing areas each evening. Only guests who have booked official day trips and select overnight stays with Tangalooma Island Resort will be able to participate in the nightly dolphin feeding program, but only if it was included in your original package. Consult your confirmation paperwork to confirm your access.

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