Frequently Asked Questions

자주 하는 질문 (FAQ)

탕갈루마리조트에 질문이 있으신가요?

가장 자주 묻는 질문들을 모아서 답변해보았습니다.:

What are the accommodation and launch transfer rates?
Where does the Tangalooma launch depart from?
Is there a car park at the wharf?
Do you have a pick-up from city hotels?
When do the dolphins come in?
What tours and activities are available at Tangalooma?
Are there EFTPOS facilities at the Resort?
When is the whale watching season?
What are your rates?
How do you interact with the dolphins?
Do you have day cruises? Do you see dolphins on the day cruise?
What is the air temperature on the island?
What is the water temperature on the island?
Is there Internet access at the resort?
Are there disabled facilities at the resort?
How long is the travel time from Holt Street Wharf to the resort?
Are there locker facilities available at the resort for day guests?
If I arrive by MiCat barge on foot how will I get to the resort?
Can I bring my own alcohol over to the resort?
What does "run of house" accommodation mean?
What is the cancellation policy for accommodation bookings?
Can I bring my pets to Tangalooma or Moreton Island?
Can I visit the resort if I am pregnant?
Can I bring and fly my drone?
I got photos taken at the resort, where can I download them?
I'm travelling to the resort on a Cruise Ship, where can I book activities?
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