How to feed the Dolphins

A quick guide to guest feeding of wild dolphins

  • Prepare to get wet!

To feed the dolphins, you’ll need to walk into at least knee-deep water. So wear shorts or swimwear, or hire Waders (waterproof overalls) from the stand in front of the Eco Centre. $2 from each rental is donated to the Tangalooma EcoMarines.

  • Ensure you’re dolphin-ready

Any sunscreens, insect repellents, moisturisers or other lotions must be thoroughly washed off beforehand. No personal items (including umbrellas and ponchos etc.) should be brought into the water.

  • Do not take flash photography on the beach or in the water, video cameras are okay

  • Listen to the Dolphin Care Team and follow their instructions

They will guide you into the water and assist with feeding

  • Hold the fish correctly

Hold the fish just like an ice cream, with the head poking towards the sky.

  • Do not touch the dolphins

Not only may you distress or hurt the dolphins, but this is a requirement of the Queensland Government. Break this rule and you’ll be asked to leave immediately.


  • If you have a cold, flu or respiratory illness you are not permitted to feed the dolphins.

  • If you’re pregnant, please advise our Dolphin Care Team prior to feeding. Pregnant women are not to enter the water beyond their knees.

Wild Dolphin Viewing & Wild Dolphin Feeding Access

Please note that casual visitors to Moreton Island are not allowed access to the resort premises for the nightly dolphin viewing / feeding experience. All guests that are authorised to stay overnight at properties within the grounds of the resort have general admission access to the dolphin viewing areas each evening. Only guests who have booked official day trips and select overnight stays with Tangalooma Island Resort will be able to participate in the nightly dolphin feeding program, but only if it was included in your original package. Consult your confirmation paperwork to confirm your access.

Wild Dolphin Feeding / Viewing is dependent on dolphin attendance, weather conditions & tides, therefore arrival cannot always be guaranteed; however over the last 3 decades of the program, we have experienced a 99% attendance rate. See Dolphin Feeding FAQs for further information about the program.

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